iPhone 7. One Year of owning it. Was it all worth it?

iPhone 8 is here. iPhone 7 is now going to be irrelevant to the masses. All eyes are going to be on iPhone 8 and iPhone X but let’s look at iPhone 7. Owning it for 1 year. Paying that hefty amount of money when at launch. One year Later, Was it worth it?

iPhone A year later, what caught my attention?

iphone 7



There is nothing more annoying than the dreaded “Storage Almost Full” notification. Purchasing the 128GB version iPhone was probably the best decision I’ve made for a smartphone. Right now I have 172 apps, 4,000 photos, 280 videos all with 16GB of space left. I spent the whole year never worrying about my phones memory being full. I could record 4k videos, take lots of photos and download lots of apps without worrying about a thing, making the user experience great, taking full advantage of the functionalities on iOS.


Most phones slow down after a year. This phone didn’t. That’s what makes it great.

I use my phone for everything. Exporting 4k footage after editing them, editing photos from my mirrorless camera, posting on social media. It’s been the same speed since day one. Never disappointing me.


Water Resistance

The iPhone 7 is the first iPhone to feature water resistance and I’ll be honest. It took me 6 months before testing out the water resistance by dipping my phone into water. After a year, I now have no regrets. Water resistance has saved my iPhone quite a number of times. Knowing such a pricey gadget can survive water is a whole less daunting. There’s nothing really better than going into the shower with full assurance that your iPhone will be just fine.


iPhone 7? The first Phone I’ve had to ever survive a full year without a case and screen protector. And let me tell you, it has endured accidental bangs, scrapes and drops. Getting the Glossy Jet Black version came with its disadvantages though. Using it with no case meant micro scratches were created on the back only visible in direct lighting.


iPhone 7 is not perfect but it’s the closest I have seen to it. Things that a lot of phones today don’t have are present here. This makes this phone a perfect phone for business and travel. Especially in the world of social media. It’s not perfect but it’s close to it. I am looking forward to getting my hands on the newest iPhone to see if it lives up to the standards.

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Victor Ajayi

Self-taught Artist & photographer who happens to travel a lot.

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