Could This Be The Future Of How We Boil Water? – Appkettle Review

Time is precious. Time matters. Convenience is equally as important, it matters too. We all love our hot beverages but the time and inconvenience to make them aren’t always on our side. Boil water, forget you boiled it, it gets cold, you boil it and have to wait again. Or,  you’re in the comfort of your bed, you have to come down inconveniencing yourself to boil some water for your wife who’s yelling at you to make her coffee. A product that saves time, and hassle and does so quite well is AppKettle.


The Appkettle is not your typical kettle. At first sight, you know you have something premium in your midst. With its seamless, smooth, metallic finish. Featuring materials such as brushed Stainless Steel, Chrome, and Glass. It is quite a stunning product that seems like it will last you for quite a long time. For most, stainless steel kettles are a problem. It is easier to get burned from one than a plastic kettle. For this reason, heat-resistant silicone covers the handle and lid, protecting your hands from burns.

The AppKettle is the world’s first double-glass water window kettle, both are printed with accurate water measures, in liters and cups making it ideal for right- or left-hand use. Appkettle has a capacity of 1.7 litres allowing you to contain up to 10 cups of water inside. The 360 degree base of the kettle is the first hint you get that something “smart” is going on. Here, you’ll find an LED display showing the temperature of the water, plus temp controls and connectivity indicators.

Features and functionality

At the touch of a button on your smartphone or a simple voice command on an Amazon Echo, 1.7 litres of water can be boiled from the comfort of your bed/bus/anywhere you can connect to the internet. If for whatever reason that goes down, you can use it as a normal kettle by turning on the kettle on manually pressing a button on the device. Boiling the kettle from your bed each morning takes no effort, to see just how useful AppKettle was, I had a go at boiling it via the app. At this moment I knew this product was something quite spectacular. You can even schedule the kettle to go off at a set time each morning (just make sure it’s filled up the night before).

Now you’d think the app is a simple on/off button. WRONG. The easy-to-navigate app shows you how much water is in the kettle, how many cups it can make (you can adjust this to any mug or baby bottle size), its temperature, how much energy you’re using and, very handily, a timer for exactly how long it’ll take to boil. the “keep warm” feature allows you to keep the water warm, as obvious as it seemed. It can hold the temperature for up to 30 minutes so you won’t have to reboil.

My thoughts

Now I can’t say or promise that The Appkettle will change your life or that it’s perfect, but it is as close to perfection I’ve seen from any kettle I’ve used in the past. If you’re working towards a fully-functioning smart home, with smart TV’s and Smart bulbs the Appkettle is a big step in the right direction. I won’t lie, it’s a very pricey kettle at £129.99, but it’s worth the investment if you’re a hot drinks fan who would use it several times each and every day. I’m certain that the idea of the AppKettle isn’t going to appeal to everybody.

For as low as under $10 you can pick up a cheap kettle that will boil water and let you pour it over your coffee or tea bags. Like the AppKettle, it doesn’t fill itself up. However, unlike the AppKettle, a $10 kettle won’t tell you when your tea is at the optimum brewing point.

Is it worth it?

Yes, jam-packed with useful features, technology, and quality. It sure is worth it, especially for those who appreciate a good cup of tea and coffee. If that person is you get yours here.

Victor Ajayi

Self-taught Artist & photographer who happens to travel a lot.

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