The camel overcoat is a sexy classic outerwear one most own for that autumn and winter look. Hugely in fashion this year and for a good reason. It looks amazing. Wear one, and you automatically look like you mean business. The warm camel color gives you a warm look, making you look like that kind of guy anyone would hang out with while looking sophisticated. An overcoat is an extremely versatile piece that has been around for decades. It is only getting more popular as ranges of different cuts and styles are being released, allowing them to be worn in casual and even streetwear-inspired outfits.

The Camel Color

The camel overcoat, in particular, has become very popular amongst men recently. The lighter color is great for bringing some extra dimensions to your look. Winter outfits are usually relatively monochrome in color. Making the camel color a perfect way to stand out. Although an overcoat is considered something formal for older men – younger men like me opt for the camel color. Giving you a less formal look than black, navy or grey. It’s laid-back luxe approach to detail, clean lines and simplicity will work in your favor – tying in effortlessly well with your daily look. This piece is also the perfect outwear for layering because let’s face it; winter is coming.


 If you plan to wear your overcoat for years to come, the material is an essential element of your coat. Your best bet is to go with a wool one. Wool is a choice fabric because it’s not only warm, it’ll last you a long time. Look for an overcoat that is 100% wool with some weight to it to keep you warm and endure winter wear and tear. Now a 100% wool overcoat will be quite pricey. Affordably priced coats have 50% wool and 50% some synthetic material mixed, which isn’t bad too if you want to save some money. Now, If you’re willing to spend a bit more on your overcoat, cashmere is a good option also. Cashmere overcoats look great, but they’re more expensive. A cashmere wool blend is excellent for that optimal fabric combination.


A bulky, boxy overcoat is a huge no. When choosing and buying an overcoat, the fit is one of the most critical parts to get right. There’s no point in wearing that sexy coat that doesn’t fit properly. The coat should be a slim fit contouring around your body. Giving you that masculine badass look. As a general rule, overcoats should end just above the knee. The coat should be snug without showing any bulges. If it wrinkles or pulls when buttoned, it’s too small.

The Overcoat I’m wearing

The overcoat I’m wearing is from new look. Not the ideal place I would’ve wanted to buy a coat but I was on a budget and had to have one. So far, I love it. It’s stylish, warm, and looks great.

In conclusion, you must own an overcoat in your wardrobe, if you don’t, what are you waiting for? Keeping warm matters but so as looking stylish.

A link to my new look overcoat – here

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