Good design matters. Hygiene Matters – Birdie Hand Sanitizer Review

Good design matters. Hygiene matters. Good design matters. Hygiene matters. Good.. See where I’m going with this?

A company called OLIKA claim that they can reinvent hygiene and household staples setting a high bar for itself as it relates to design and innovation. They showcase that understanding with their product Birdie, a hand sanitizer. But does he deliver?


OLIKA are really hell-bent on characterizing their product as a bird and I can see why. Standing at 3×2 inches, bird-shaped, with a smooth and minimal design, containing 20mL of soothing essential oils, this is not your ordinary hand sanitizer, which I think is great. Just getting this product out of my pocket and using it turns many heads. I get a lot of people asking me what it is, being shocked when I tell them it is a hand sanitizer. Small and beautiful, it fits great in your hand, OLIKA sure did a great job with the design of Birdie.


Now, while the design may be great, let’s talk about functionality. Twist the body, Press the rubberized button and there it goes, a spray. How does it smell? It smells like lemons, literally. It does not smell like your typical hand sanitizer and to me, this is a game changer. Now OLIKA adds Bergamot,  lemon, and Spearmint to create this none hand sanitizer-ish smell. But it does basically still smell like lemons to me. Functionality wise, it works, it does what its supposed to do. A simple twist on the body to open and a press on the button, nothing more, nothing less.

Some things I noticed

Unlike your typical hand sanitizer, Birdie contains 20 textured dry wipes. Now, I did not initially know that they were meant to be dry but found the idea of spraying them wet and using them to clean surfaces great. An additional neat feature.

Another big thing I noticed, my hands felt weird after using Birdie. Now, not weird in a bad way. The product contains skin softening benefits, using ingredients like glycerin and aloe vera to take out irritation and dryness. If I want my hands to be nice and smooth I would normally use a moisturizer but Birdie does the job for me. I find it strange how the product sprays on your hand like a very light liquid almost like water, then as you rub, it starts getting a greasy moisturizer feel. Which is strange considering it isn’t a moisturizer. All in all, I find it a clever implementation. A hand sanitizer that leaves you with soft hands.


I’ve used hand sanitizers in the past, Birdie is by far the best. Great game-changing design and a signature citrusy fragrance. A product that simply works, no gimmicks or any complex stuff. This is one of those products I would recommend to anyone, ideally if you travel a lot or are a germaphobe. Good design matters, hygiene matters, and OLIKA were able to pull it off nicely.

Birdie retails online for just $8.99. Get Yours


Victor Ajayi

Self-taught Artist & photographer who happens to travel a lot.

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