Mighty review- Listen to Spotify without your phone

You’re out and about, your phone is almost dead, but you want to listen to your favorite tunes on Spotify. What do you do? Option 1: close Spotify to preserve battery life – no more music. Option 2: Listen to Spotify and your phone dies – no more music. Option 3: Use a device like mighty which allows you to listen to music without your phone, saving you from options 1 and 2.

But how mighty is the mighty?


It’s small, like really small, which is excellent; you can put it in your pocket, you can carry it around with you anywhere on the go. It also features a clip you can use to clip on your clothes while exercising. Being small also means being easy to lose, which I have faced many times.

The Mighty isn’t the most stylish tech device out there, but its blue buttons do stand out. It features an LED indicator to let you know when the player is on, charging or about to run out of juice.


No phone? No problem. The very core of the mighty is around playing Spotify without the need for your smartphone. It’s like the iPod shuffle of this generation. It all works via Bluetooth. You download a companion app on your phone, then connect the Spotify app. you sync your playlist with the mighty. Boom! It’s that easy. No need for the internet. No need for your phone. The player itself is easy to use. It has, simple controls with buttons we all know how to use. To switch between playlists, you press a button, and a voice announces the name of the list you’ve selected.

It can store up to 1,000 songs, which is impressive, you never run out of space with that. It is also drop and water resistant. You can use it in the shower, you can use it in the rain, you can drop it accidentally in a puddle of rain, and it’ll be fine.

Two different options

The mighty comes with Bluetooth, but also a headphone Jack. Got anything that plays audio? The mighty will work with it. Headphones, Bluetooth speakers, cabled earphones or even hook it up to the sound system in your car.

Sound Quality

The sound quality isn’t perfect. Play Spotify with your phone and hook it up to a Bluetooth speaker and it sounds great, you can even configure the equalizer settings on Spotify to sound just the way you like. With mighty that isn’t the case on my Bluetooth speaker songs sounded very flat. But then sound quality was decent on my wireless earphones; I’m not sure why, but that seems to be the way it is.

Battery Life

With mighty, you get 5 hours battery life, that isn’t great especially when you’re traveling on a long journey, this all results in you using your phone again to listen to music after it dies. For a device, without a screen, you would expect longer battery life. Although it may be okay for a workout or a jog, it isn’t sufficient to last you the day.

Is Mighty worth it?

This device is probably the first of its kind for an app like Spotify; it has no competition which automatically deems it not perfect. Being small light and thin comes with sacrifices like battery life and that weird headphone jack cable that charges it up. But it’s primary objective is for you to listen to Spotify on it thus saving battery life on your phone, and it does that quite well.


Victor Ajayi

Self-taught Artist & photographer who happens to travel a lot.

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