Clothing – How it matters and why it matters as an artist

As artists, we make impressions, whether it’s with our artwork, our social media page, or our websites. How we dress is an essential part of the impression we create. Whether you like it or not people will judge you, unlike the internet, reality doesn’t have a delete button. You have no control over what people think when you wear that top or those jeans.

Will it guarantee success?

No, but what how you dress helps with success in whatever you do. Impressions matter. When you are on the same level as somebody else, and you are competing for something, the person who looks better will usually win, even though it sounds a bit unfair, but why do you think people dress to impress at job interviews? If you dress like you’re a successful people will believe you are successful.

How does clothing & art go together?

Your clothing should be a reflection of your palette. If you create a lovely colorful style of art and you wear dark, rugged clothing that will seem strange, of course, you can wear whatever you want but how cohesive do you want to be with what you do? As an artist, you’re a personal brand. Imagine H&M selling clothing for seniors even though we know them for selling trendy clothing for young adults; this is the same with how you perceive yourself to people. You want to always stay true to what you create in some way.

For example, I mostly draw black and white pieces with a grunge style look and textures; therefore I usually wear black, greys, burgundy and anything with a subdued look that fits along those lines of art I make.

Confidence boost

Wearing clothing that reflects your palette gives you confidence as an artist. You spend a lot of your time creating artwork, wearing something whether its a style or color that reflects the artwork you wear gives you a tremendous amount of confidence, why? Because you are comfortable with those colors when you create art with them, being comfortable with using such colors makes you comfortable with putting them on.

People will never stop judging

We judge people. You probably judge people. It’s natural. You are more likely to talk to a person that looks great, right? As an artist you are already a fascinating person, you create art, you’re skilled, not everyone can do that. From my experience of this whole wearing clothing that reflects your palette thing, I’ve noticed when you tell someone you are an artist; they can already guess the kind of art you create just by what you wear. Dark clothing = dark art, bright colorful clothing = colorful art. While this may not always be the case, it sure is at times and goes to show how important your clothing is as an artist.

Victor Ajayi

Self-taught Artist & photographer who happens to travel a lot.

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