The most stylish pair of shoes if you could only have one for summer – Paul Parkman loafers

It’s summertime, you’re heading off somewhere nice, you want to look stylish, sophisticated, and stand out from the crowd. Your clothing is looking great, same goes for your accessories, Leaving you with a pair of shoes left to choose. What’s it gonna be?

Summertime essential

Loafers are one of those pairs of shoes that were created to be worn casually. Loafers have developed over the years into something classic and formal, but it’s style still reflects it’s casual origins. Being slip-on makes it easy to put on and off, giving your ankles some breathing room it makes any polished outfit a little more stylish.

You can rock them sockless

Loafers are the ultimate pairs of shoes that look awesome when worn sockless. Going sockless with loafers adds a relaxed, casual vibe to your outfit and not many things can emulate that. But wait, even though you’re giving the look of no-socks, you still need to wear no-show socks. Comfort and sweat absorption in the summer heat is essential, which is why no-show socks with a pair of loafers is a must.

You stand out from the crowd

Summertime is a hard season to stand out regarding fashion. It’s just too hot to wear fancy shoes or clothing and Let’s face it when it’s summertime most people wear flip-flops and sneakers. It’s all the same stuff really. But the one person that wears a nice pair of tan loafers sockless, topping it off with a polo t-shirt and some nice pair of shorts is the ones that stand out from everyone else’s flip flops and sneakers. That’s what you want to do and what you can do with loafers.

The loafers I’m wearing

The loafers I’m wearing in these photos are Belgian Loafers by Paul Parkman. They create high-quality Luxury Handmade shoes that will last you quite a while. I highly recommend investing in a high-quality pair of loafers that will last you a long time especially one from Paul Parkman. All their creations are all made strictly by hand in a small factory in limited numbers ensuring all the shoes are perfection with close attention to detail. One tip I will recommend to you is sizing down when picking up a couple of loafers.


Loafers are a great wardrobe addition, particularly for summer. They keep your feet fresh and can both dress up and down an outfit. Depending on the style you’re into, you’ll have that one versatile pair of shoes to take you through the year.

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Victor Ajayi

Self-taught Artist & photographer who happens to travel a lot.

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