How to get rid of armpit sweat stains for the summer

Sweat stains, a confidence killer, I’ve been there, you’ve been there, and there is nothing worse than having it, especially in the summertime where heat can be your worst enemy in this case.

While there are things that can make you confident, there is also an equal amount of things that kill it, and sweat stains are one of those problems. Think about it. You’re out and about, having a great time. You stop and notice your armpit areas feel wet, you have a look, and you see these sweat stains. You start to tense up, get nervous feel uncomfortable and there goes the great time you were having. Now the only way that would be possible to stop this from happening would be to poison your body with chemicals and antiperspirants, and I’m sure you have tried them, and they did not work.

So how do you stop this problem?

You don’t; there’s no possible way to stop sweat. We are humans, and it is what we are designed to do. The only way possible is to adapt and prevent the sweat from showing. Instead of avoiding the problem, or making the problem go away, adapting to it is a safer, healthier option for your body. And a way to adapt is by using an undershirt. But you’ve probably tried undershirts, and they probably didn’t work out too. So let’s bring it up a notch, using the right undershirt, one that absorbs the sweat under your armpit. One that I found that works perfectly is the Thompson Tee.

What is this “Thompson Tee”?


The Thompson Tee is an undershirt that absorbs the sweat under your armpit. The sweat is still there like I mentioned before, you can’t stop the problem, but you can adapt to it. While the sweat is there, it never makes its way past the first layer that touches your skin. They call it Hydro-Shield Sweatproof technology. What that means is, when you sweat you would generally stain your shirt but instead, the sweat evaporates because of this undershirt. The undershirt turns sweat into an odorless gas. It never reaches the top of your shirt, all without chemicals. Genius.

A Perfect companion against summer heat

Summertime will be a perfect time to take advantage of the Thompson Tee. I’ve been using it for a year now, and they’ve never let me down, it just works. It is only under $30 and made in the USA. A slim fit v-neck version is perfect for avoiding any bagging on your clothing and hides the undershirt from the clothing you’re wearing on top. A grey color or a color close to your skin tone will ensure it’s not showing through a white shirt or any color shirt you wear over it. I would advise you to get two pairs as they take long to dry, for obvious reasons. The Thompson Tee is the ultimate essential product in my wardrobe and for sure is the perfect companion to wear in the summer for men and women.

Victor Ajayi

Victor Ajayi

Self-taught Artist & photographer who happens to travel a lot.

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