3 European Cities you should visit to get the best of 2018

I’ve traveled to 9 countries and 11 cities in 2017. All of them European. I’ve gone to major cities everyone talks about like Paris, Lyon, London. But we’re going to talk about cities that aren’t as talked about as Paris or London and in my opinion are much better in different ways.


Krakow in Poland. Simply Awesome. It has a Lively atmosphere with musical bands playing. Entertainers interacting with people. Smiles on everyone’s faces and laughter. A great place to bring your family with you to have fun. To top it up it’s very cheap. Krakow is also quite a historic city, castles, museums, gothic style cathedrals, you name it. important Polish leaders are buried at Wawel castle. So It’s not all entertainment you actually get to educate yourself while your there.


There’s something about this city that I just can’t point my finger at. It’s beautiful and you feel that beauty when you’re there. Seeing pictures of something is one thing but living it is another. Prague is one of those places that photos don’t do it justice. A stunning old castle is just at the top of the city which is a long steep walk up but worth it when you get there. You have a view of the whole city that just makes you stop and stare.


Now Budapest isn’t as modern in some aspects as other cities. There’s graffiti virtually everywhere and people love to throw their stuff out on the streets. It is a larger city though with more people and a lot more urban and grunge. The transport system is brilliant. Literally hop on and hop off, fast and easy and frequent.There are nice wide streets aligned with unique architecture. Just like all the cities I’ve mentioned above, it’s very cheap. Budapest is like a harmony of the past and present. You’ve still got some modern places like large shopping centers then you’ve got your very yellowish lights at night, which gives the city an almost retro feel and look.

Is it somewhere I would travel to with my family? No. But it is somewhere I would travel to by myself or with a friend and just have fun.

3 Cities You Should Visit in Europe This Year

These are my top 3 picks. There’s a lot of factors that will make your experience awesome or terrible like weather, who you travel with and who you meet. But from my experience, I had an awesome time, and hope you do too if you decide to visit.


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