4 Essential Accessories for Fall Every Guy Should Have

Fall is here, that means a new season to rock different styles and outfits. An excellent way to elevate your style is through accessories. Accessories take your style game from 0 to 10. Today we’re going to be looking at different accessories you need for fall. These accessories will make your outfits pop and make you stand out from the crowd.


Most people stick with sneakers throughout the whole year — the same shoes from spring through summer and winter. If you’re looking to elevate your style for the fall, we recommend you invest in some high-quality boots. I love boots that are easy to put on, whether be Chelsea boots or a boot with a zip; just out of convenience. Military boots with laces are also an excellent choice for a more rugged look.

Boots aren’t just essential for how they look, but the fact they also keep you warm during the colder weather of the fall. If you’re a short guy boot will make you taller. If you’re looking to get some nice pair of boots we recommend you go for black or brown boots. Those are two versatile colors that will go well with anything you wear. We also recommend suede; there’s something about suede that looks rich and elegant compared to a typical leather boot, but we also don’t recommend suede if it’s a wet day, that’s where your standard leather boot will be a better choice.

Leather gloves

I used to go around without wearing gloves during the colder periods of the year. Once I invested in some leather gloves, it was hard to live life without gloves. Not only does it keep your hands warm, but it also makes you look stylish. If you’re already wearing something dark like all-black outerwear, adding extra detail to your hands brings out the outfit. Leather gloves accentuate the detail in a way ordinary wool gloves don’t. And if you want leather touch screen gloves, check out my review on the Mujjo leather touchscreen gloves.


Bracelets are the cherry on top when it comes to your outfit and style. When you’re wearing heavy clothing and layers during the colder fall time, a simple bracelet is all you need to elevate your style significantly, completing the outfit you’re wearing. Beaded bracelets are my favorite. They’re the most common type of bracelets you’ll find and are affordable. They’re casual laid back and versatile. A highly recommended essential in your wardrobe


Sunglasses aren’t just reserved for the summer or springtime. Just because it’s fall time doesn’t mean your sunglasses should be put away for good. Not only do sunglasses offer great protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays even on cloudy days, but they help bring out your outfit. Since it’s fall just wearing a pair of sunglasses and pairing it with a leather jacket or a black trench coat and leather gloves screams badass. It’s all in the shades.


These are accessories we recommend you consider during the fall month. You really can’t go wrong with any of them.


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