Apple Watch Series 2. One Year Later. Was it worth it?

apple watch

You have a phone, you have everything you need. Why buy a smartwatch?

Okay, maybe the Apple Watch doesn’t provide everything we need. However, it stands out. It provides more than its competitors. features, that matter to users and artists. One year later its still on my wrist. When you think of it, It’s merely a tool. It won’t make you exercise nor will it make you stop watching Netflix all day and do something productive, no, It won’t do any of that. At the end of the day, it’s still about making the decision to actually do it. But once you make that decision, then this is one of the most powerful devices that you can have. Apple watch eliminates the need to track, it does it for you, and that. That is everything. Everything even your phone cannot do to that extent.


A year later, what caught my attention?


apple watch phone call

The world around us is quite vast. You get an important phone call you can’t afford to miss. An urgent email from your boss. Or just an important message from that special person (wink, wink) Notifications are what keep us informed. Whether it’s breaking news or a customer bought your artwork. Not everyone has their phones at all times. We leave it in many places, charging, upstairs, downstairs, in our pockets. Or worse, we have it and it’s in silence. Missing that urgent notification. With my apple watch on my wrist, I have never missed one.

Phone calls could be answered from my wrist, messages could be replied from my wrist and information could be obtained instantly, all in a non-obtrusive way. I say obtrusive because we all know there’s nothing worse than your phone ringing to notify you and destroying whatever moment you were in. Just a nice vibration on your wrist and you know you’ve got mail in an instant.


Water Resistance

apple watch water resistance


I’ll be honest. I was quite adamant about spending an extra couple of dollars for an apple watch series 2 when a series 1 was just as fast and efficient but lacked water resistance. After a year, I now have no regrets. Water resistance has saved my apple watch quite a number of times. From Accidental drops to in water to even going into the shower forgetting I had the watch on (oops) I guess I’m just clumsy like that. Having such a gadget that its only true job is to be on your wrist constantly is quite daunting. Knowing that gadget can survive water is less daunting. There’s nothing really better than going into the shower with full assurance that your apple watch will be just fine.

Interchangeable Bands.

apple watch bands


Okay, now, this might not be a big deal for everyone. But when I’m going to exercise and I know a formal event will follow, I like to give my watch a new look. From fitness tracker to a dapper accessory that looks stunning. I have a rubber band for my workouts that came with it and a golden band for those formal events. That matters. I can’t be looking half formal, half informal. That would normally mean I would have to bring a different device. But who needs to bring an actual watch when you’ve got your smartwatch?

Fitness Tracking/ Reminder to move

apple watch fitness tracking

As an artist, I sit a lot, more often than not that means that I forget to move, this isn’t particularly healthy for me. That hourly reminder. It’s everything. Doing a lot of steps during a day is great, but it needs to be balanced.  A simple reminder makes all the difference. And With working out there is nothing better than knowing your heart rate and how many calories you’re actually burning. If you don’t track then everything that you are doing is random. And doing random things will bring you random results. With the workout app on the Apple Watch, it ensures you know exactly how you did in that workout.


You won’t understand the benefits until you try it out for yourself. Believe me. Go to sleep. Set your alarm early to finish that painting. 5 A.M. Wake up your partner. Wake up your children.  Apple Watch? Vibrations. That’s the solution. This form of an alarm works because it’s silent to others but not to you. A strong vibration will wake you up. It’s a solution that works.


Apple Watch series 2? The first watch to ever survive a full year without a scratch. And lemme tell you, it has endured accidental bangs, scrapes, drops.

And no. I am not even wearing a screen protector or case on it.

Was it worth it?

The Apple Watch series 2 is not perfect but it’s the closest I have seen to it. Things that a lot of phones and even competitor smart watches today don’t have are present here. This makes this watch a perfect gadget for business and travel. Especially in the world of social media. It’s not perfect but it’s close to it. I am looking forward to getting my hands on this new rumored Series 3 model to see if it lives up to the standards.


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