3 Audio Products I Cannot Live Without When I Travel

When traveling there are products you want and the products you need. Products that if you leave them behind you won’t feel phased by and products that when you do, you’re mentally kicking yourself with anger. When I travel there are 3 products that for me are crucial on the go. If I were to forget to bring these I would lose my mind, like no kidding. Let’s find out.

Wireless Earphones

As I’ve mentioned before in my last post Wireless earphones are the ultimate convenience device. When you have it, it’s tough to go back. I’ve taken the Jabra Elite Sport with me to over 9 countries. There was one time I forgot to bring them with me on my trip to Croatia, and let’s just say the long train and bus rides were torture. What I love about them is the fact that you never have to take them out when using them. Wanna hear what someone is saying? turn on the Hear through feature which conveniently filters the sounds that surround you.

The built-in workout features like GPS, VO2 max monitor and heart rate sensors are a bonus for keeping fit while traveling. Jabra provides buttons on the earphones itself that allow you to change the volume and change songs and trigger Siri on my iPhone to set up tasks without having to touch it. Battery life is also good. They last up to 4.5 hours of continuous playtime with an additional 2 full charges of up to 13.5 hours when you pop them to charge in the case. It’s durable and has an IP67 waterproof rating. I cannot live with these while traveling simply because of the features no other Wireless earphones on the market right now seem to have and the convenience.

The Mighty

The Mighty is one of those products that you’ll never really know the value of until your in that situation where you need it. The mighty lets you play Spotify without the need for a phone. Let’s say you’re on the go and your phone is nearly dead you want to save battery, but you still want to listen to music on that long bus journey. This is where It comes into play.

It’s small light and convenient in size. Fits in your pocket with ease. It stores up to 1,000 songs, you never run out of space with that. It is also drop and water resistant. I would call the mighty the iPod shuffle of this generation. It all works via Bluetooth. You download a companion app on your phone, then connect the Spotify app. You sync your playlist with the mighty and Boom! It’s that easy. No need for the internet. No need for your phone anymore after that. But it’s also got a headphone Jack.

If you have anything that plays music mighty will work with it. Headphones, Bluetooth speakers, cabled earphones and if you want to mix convenience with convenience, wireless earphones. You get 5 hours battery life, it isn’t the best especially when I travel on a long journey, this all results in you using your phone again to listen to music after it dies, but I find it much better to use up 5 hours of battery on a different device than using it up on your phone which is far more important on the go.

Bluetooth Speaker

Last but not least, a Bluetooth speaker. After a long stressful journey, you arrive at your hotel or apartment and you just want to relax, or you wake up in the morning to get ready. Having a Bluetooth speaker that blasts your favorite songs whether for relaxing or for morning motivation is awesome. I never saw the point in bringing one with me until I brought one on my trip to Zakopane in Poland, after that it came on board everywhere else I went. I find that it makes me feel more at home when I’m in a different surrounding. The one I use is the UE Boom 2.

It features 360-degree sound delivery, filling up an entire room with nothing but sound, which is crazy for its small size. The UE Boom 2 also makes for a pretty decent speakerphone. You can pick up and hang up calls by giving the Bluetooth pairing button a press which is nice. The IPX7-equipped UE Boom 2 can be submerged in water up to a meter deep for 30 minutes before you run the risk of leakage. It’s also got 15 hours of battery life.

Those are 3 crucial audio products I find essential when I travel. Yours may differ. I plan on trying out different products during future trips and update this list in the future, stay tuned!



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