3 Steps in the Right Direction – Best Men’s Skincare Products for Beginners

We’ve done many wireless earbuds and tech-related reviews recently, today we’re going to dive into the Lifestyle portion of the blog with skincare.

Many of us take our skin for granted. “Who needs to moisturize?” “Who needs to exfoliate?” “What is exfoliation?”. This is the mindset of most guys, and that mentality doesn’t help them have great looking skin now and as they age. You only have one skin; taking care of it is a must. But if you’re reading this post, chances are you want to start taking care of your skin. Here are the best products to get you in the right direction.

Spin Brush

A spin brush is one of those essentials that you need to maintain delicate, healthy skin. Washing your face with soap and water isn’t enough, you need something to brush off the oils and dead skin. Most people come under the impression that it’s a feminine product. Wrong. Men can use it too. And it’s the men that do, that stand out.

You can find a lot of these on Amazon, but the one we tried was from a brand called Vanity Planet has a great product called spin for perfect skin. It works great and does exactly what you’d expect it to do. It comes with a daily brush to use every day, an exfoliation brush to use 2-3 times every week and a pumice stone to use for pesky calluses. Each part comes with different benefits — all leaving you with smooth, soft skin. If you’re starting to take care of your skin, this is an excellent step in the right direction.


The PMD is something that, as a beginner, you won’t see the value in until you get one. It is typically an expensive and advanced skincare treatment that would require you to go to a dermatologist. But having your personal micro-derm is where the PMD comes in. Exfoliation is key to having great skin by eliminating dead skin and unveiling fresh new skin is a critical part of a skincare routine.

The PMD works by brushing off the skin with aluminum oxide spinning disc, vacuuming off that dead layer into a filter. The results are fewer scars, spots, smaller pores, and blemishes
after 8-12 treatments.

For me, the PMD works excellent. I’ve noticed the difference in my skin, people around me have too. I’ve found it difficult to grow facial hair in some areas, but after some use of the PMD, it’s been growing in those areas, so if you’re struggling with growing facial hair, it’s an additional thing to consider. All in all, the PMD is a great product that takes the complication out of going to a dermatologist. It gives you a treatment that’s been known to works for less.

Tiege Hanley

Is it overhyped? Is it as good as they say it is? Does it work? My answer is no, yes, and yes. Tiege Hanley is the ultimate men’s skin care system. Simply because it’s uncomplicated, which matters as beginner. You have a simple step by step guide on how and when to use it.
Instead of purchasing different products from different brands, you have a combined skincare system that works in harmony with each other.

This makes it a joy to look after your skin, leaving you with pretty much no excuses. You know what to use when to use it because it says when and how. Does it make a difference on my skin? Yes. But just like anything else, it took a while to see results about four uses of it. I saw the difference around my dark baggy eyes, which is much better now.

The eye cream works like magic. As a dark-skinned person, I’ve always felt skincare was marketed and targeted more towards people with lighter skin leaving us in the dust. But Tiege Hanley isn’t that product; it works for everyone, which is what I love most. If you’re confused about what products to use when to use how to use them, it takes the guesswork out of that which is critical for beginners and why I recommend it.

Conclusion – 3 skincare products

These are products we’ve tried and recommend for guys who’ve made the decision of caring for their skin. We plan on trying out and reviewing different grooming and skincare products to help you on your journey into becoming the best version of yourself. Stay Tuned!


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