Bershka Cardigan – an Edgy Addition to Your Wardrobe?

In the winter and fall time, you might be lucky enough to have a warm day. With your closet filled up with rainproof parka’s, heavy overcoats and edgy leather jackets. Having something lighter than you can layer to keep warm when it’s cold, or wear alone when it’s warm is essential. This cardigan I saw in Bershka is an exceptional piece that I knew I had to have. Let’s talk about it.

How It Looks

This piece adds edge to your clothing. It gives a basic t-shirt an edgy look. It makes a simple outfit interesting. A cardigan gives you that smart but casual look. A hoody will always give you a casual look with whatever you pair it with. Put both together, give it a longline drape and you’ve got this.

I would put this piece more on the streetwear side of the style spectrum. It’s versatile for streetwear style but not every other kind of style. You wouldn’t exactly be able to pull it off with a dress shirt or a fancy pair of shoes. But get some nice rugged pair of boots or sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt and this will compliment it perfectly.

Fit and Comfort

Not too tight, not too loose, just right. The fit is quite interestingly tight around the biceps and forearms, not sure whether it’s my gains or whether it was intentionally made to be tight. But it’s a nice touch, helps make your arms pop. It may be quite annoying if you want to wear something thick and long sleeve underneath like a sweater.

Length is perfect, cut just above the knee’s, not too long not too short similar to that of a trench coat or overcoat. The hood is nice too but it’s something I rarely ever use. Overall the fit is great and the cardigan is comfortable to wear because of it.

How Is Quality?

This piece is astonishingly just 20 euro. The quality for the price is great but quality, in general, is decent. Looking at it you probably won’t notice that it’s a piece of clothing that doesn’t have the highest quality, but touching it you probably will. Personally, I wouldn’t mind paying more for the same piece with a higher quality fabric just so I’m certain it will last me longer. All in all the quality is great just not the best which is typical of fast fashion brands like Bershka.


It’s -10 degrees Celsius or even just 10, will you survive winter with this? The answer is no, but will you survive fall? Yes and on top of that, you will look great. You’ll definitely be able to keep it in your wardrobe to rock for the spring and summer time too. It won’t keep you too warm, it won’t protect you from the rain as it does soak up a bit of water, but it will shield you from the cold breeze. This piece also has two front pockets which are pretty deep, but also very light as it’s on the lower, thin side of the longline drape. I wouldn’t trust putting my phone or anything in there except my hands.


On the search for an affordable edgy piece of outerwear? You want to get away from the leather jackets, from hoodies and overcoats? Or just want to use it as a base layer to elevate different styles of jackets? Then this is the piece for you. It’s not something I would recommend wearing in the winter, but something you could definitely pull off in all the other seasons and look great in.


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