Does this shape the way we see crayons? – Boya Crayons Review

Boya, a Croatian brand you’ve probably never heard of. Crayons, a tool every artist has heard of. But we’re going to learn about Boya; they’ve created a crayon tool that isn’t your typical crayon. Let’s dive in.



The design is where these crayons stand out. They don’t look like your typical average crayons. They’re designed to secure free, yet firm hand movement.

Shaped in a raindrop way, it gives you the freedom to create different lines, contours, and shades all from different edges. From using them, I find they do a great job at giving you that freedom but at the cost of comfort.

Now they aren’t the most ergonomically comfortable to hold when you’re trying to get some precise detail for if you draw with a realistic style since they’re flat and not rounded like most tools artists use. But they are great for the broad expressionist and abstract styles as they offer drawing with lines and brush stroke movements.

How are they on paper?

For crayons, they’re really not waxy at all. Probably less waxy than Prismacolor Pencils. Is that a good thing? Yes and no. Not being waxy means no build up of wax on your paper, no stains on your hand and no melting on warm days which is great. But it also means it can be difficult to blend colors together.

For example, if you are shading skin and you want to make it smooth, it can be difficult. Not being waxy also means there’s a lot of white on the paper, from not layering over paper well. Some artists may love this, some won’t.


These crayons are on the pricey side. €3.50 for one piece and €13 for a set of three. But I can see why they cost that much. Unlike your typical coloring pencils, they have no wood in them, which means no need for sharpening and it won’t be getting small after you sharpen it, leading to buying a new one. They should last you quite a while. As well as that the uniqueness, how many crayons look like this?

Are Boya Crayons worth it?

That depends on what style of art you do. If you create realistic art and like being able to blend colors resulting in smooth shading similar to prismacolor pencils, this might not be for you. If you do abstract work you will definitely love these. You have many ways of adding lines, contours, and shades to your piece. It’s also great for people who make cartoons and illustrations or even want to add expressionist or impressionist vibes to their realistic art.

I recommend it for those who are trying to get out of their comfort art zone and want to experiment and try out different things.

Get yours here.

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