MOFT Stand Universal version – Review

As creators, we spend a lot of our time working on our laptops. Whether it be working from home, traveling, at Starbucks, on a train or plane. Laptops have been the ultimate flexibility and convenience device that allow us to work from almost anywhere. The biggest overlooked gripe with the laptop is its design ergonomically. […]

Tanita RD-953 Smart Scale 3 Years Later – Is It Still Worth It in 2019?

On ArtisticalGreatness health matters. Tracking your health matters too. If your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or to maintain and keep track of your fitness; You’ll probably want it in the most informative and accurate way. Typical weighing scales are so limited. You get your weight in KG, lbs or stones, that’s it. […]

TYLT Traveler Power Bag – Best Backpack for Travel? – Review

I love backpacks, chances are you do too. Backpacks are awesome, from using them for school, travel, or for commuting, a backpack just works. Put stuff in, carry it on your back and off you go. Now let’s talk about the TYLT Travel Power Bag, its a backpack transformed into a mobile charging station, it’s […]

The DELL XPS 13 9370 1 Year Later – Is It Still Worth It in 2019?

Laptops are one of those products that you can either get low-end or high-end to see a substantial difference; there is no middle ground. Small. Light. Powerful. The DELL XPS 13 9370 is the Macbook of the windows world. Excellent build quality, smooth experience, and a hefty price tag. But is the Dell XPS 13 […]

Trench Coat – Why It’s an Essential Piece of Outerwear You Should Have

Trench Coats were originally created for British soldiers during the First World War. The trench coat became popular among civilians when troops continued to wear the coats every day on their way home. Fast forward 100 years later, why is it an essential piece of outerwear you should wear today? Why Get a Trench Coat? […]

Bershka Cardigan – an Edgy Addition to Your Wardrobe?

In the winter and fall time, you might be lucky enough to have a warm day. With your closet filled up with rainproof parka’s, heavy overcoats and edgy leather jackets. Having something lighter than you can layer to keep warm when it’s cold, or wear alone when it’s warm is essential. This cardigan I saw in […]

Is the Allegro Sonic Electric Toothbrush Worth It? – Review

At all AllForGreatness we talk about things that help you achieve greatness, whether it’s through tech, clothing, or travel/lifestyle. Maintaining good hygiene is a main component of that. Let’s talk about the Allegro sonic electric toothbrush. “The world’s first portable sterile sonic toothbrush” or so they say. There are many electric toothbrushes on the market, […]

5 Pieces Of Clothing You Should Be Wearing In Hot Climates

I’m currently in Bangkok Thailand, and it is 33 degrees here on a typical day. The chances are that’s much warmer than the location you’re in right now, and if it isn’t, count yourself lucky because it is unbearable to walk outside! As well as that, it’s also challenging to look stylish while staying cool. […]

How to get rid of armpit sweat stains for the summer

Sweat stains, a confidence killer, I’ve been there, you’ve been there, and there is nothing worse than having it, especially in the summertime where heat can be your worst enemy in this case. While there are things that can make you confident, there is also an equal amount of things that kill it, and sweat stains […]