The most stylish pair of shoes if you could only have one for summer – Paul Parkman loafers

It’s summertime, you’re heading off somewhere nice, you want to look stylish, sophisticated, and stand out from the crowd. Your clothing is looking great, same goes for your accessories, Leaving you with a pair of shoes left to choose. What’s it gonna be? Summertime essential Loafers are one of those pairs of shoes that were […]

Clothing – How it matters and why it matters as an artist

As artists, we make impressions, whether it’s with our artwork, our social media page, or our websites. How we dress is an essential part of the impression we create. Whether you like it or not people will judge you, unlike the internet, reality doesn’t have a delete button. You have no control over what people think […]

V-neck sweater – Wardrobe Essentials for fall and winter season

The sexy v-neck sweater, classy, timeless, versatile. You can dress it up for formal occasions or down for when you’re just chilling with friends thanks to its versatility. Comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. It’s a stylish and in my opinion much better alternative to standard crew-neck sweater. Colors A black v-neck […]