Sony PS5 – A Truly Next-Gen Experience? – Review

We finally got our hands on Sonys latest and greatest, the PlayStation 5. Almost impossible to get from retailers, similar to when the PS4 launched in 2013 but on a crazier level. The PS5 is the most talked-about console of the year and is now the fastest-selling PlayStation Console. But after using it for a […]

Reduce Blue Light in Style – Barner Blue Light Glasses – Review

It is said that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. I’d argue that we spend most of our lives looking at screens, and if you read about the impact of blue light, that’s scary. However, If you don’t know the impact, let’s just say the eye strain, lack of sleep, insufficient energy levels, and […]

Jabra Elite 85t – Elite in Every Way? – Review

Another year, another shiny new wireless earbud from Jabra. The Jabra Elite 85t, is the latest and greatest Jabra has to offer. For the first time of reviewing Jabra earbuds, we’re having a look at a non “active” earbud from Jabra, how does it fare? Design – A bulky refinement Sleek, minimal but not as […]

Is the Apple Watch Series 5 Still Worth It in 2021? – Review

Apple Watch Series 5, at its time the best smartwatch on the market. With the release of the Series 6, it poses a question of whether the Series 5 is still worth getting, so we’re going to find out in this review. Display The Apple Watch Series 5 took everything that made the Apple Watch […]

Jabra Elite Active 75t – Review

We’ve noticed our most viewed reviews tend to be on Jabra products. Today we’re going to be looking at the Jabra elite active 75t, the successor to the previously reviewed Elite Active 65t.  The Jabra Elite Active 65T was a great pair of wireless earphones. However, it had its shortcoming, are they solved with the Elite […]

Appkettle 3 Years Later – Should You Get It in 2020?

An electric kettle is a staple in almost every household, flat, and hotel room. It’s rare to go into a hotel or apartment without having one there. Whether it’s tea, coffee, or instant noodles, kettles play a massive role in our day to day lives. The AppKettle is that same kettle reimagined with the tech […]