Jabra Elite Active 65t 2 Years Later – Is It Still Worth It in 2020?

It’s been two years since Jabra released their Jabra Elite Active 65T. We got our hands on it almost 12 months ago and have been testing it to its limit ever since. So far we’ve tested  Vodo Vibe Jabra Elite Sport JLab JBuds Air Sudio Niva Based on what we’ve reviewed so far, how does […]

Vodo Vibe True Wireless Earbuds – Most Comfortable Earbuds? – Review

We’ve been trying out different wireless earbuds for the longest time, testing the strengths and weaknesses of different earbuds from different brands.  Jabra Elite Sport JLab JBuds Air Sudio Niva Today we’re taking a look at wireless earbuds from Vodo. The Vibe True Wireless Earbuds. We’ve been testing the Vibe earbuds for a month, is […]

Your Phone Is Toxic Here’s a Solution – PhoneSoap Review

There’s a saying that the closest things to us could be the worst things for us. And in this context, we have our smartphones. You’re probably holding yours right now. They’re a core part of our daily life. But they also pose a threat to your health in ways other than blue light, unproductivity, and […]

AirPods 2nd Generation 2019 – All Hype or Worth Getting? Review

If you’ve been following our blog and reading our reviews, you’ll notice that we’ve reviewed a lot of wireless earbuds from a lot of different brands. Vodo Vibe – 8.4/10 Jabra Elite 65T – 9.2/10 Jabra Elite Sport – 8.1/10 JLab JBuds Air – 7.8/10 Sudio Niva – 7.8/10 But one significant brand we haven’t […]

Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves – Review

Leather gloves are everywhere, touchscreen gloves too. But leather touchscreen gloves? Now that’s a different story. They’re rare, and if you want to stay stylish while keeping your hands warm along with the ability to use your phone, that can be a problem. We found one from Mujjo for €99.95. Out of the few leather […]

iPhone XS Max 1 Year Later – Has It Stood the Test of Time?

It’s been a year since we’ve had Apple’s 2018 flagship phone. The iPhone XS Max. An iPhone that made its debut with the highest price tag on an iPhone, the largest display on an iPhone, and the new gold color. We made a review of it a year ago, here’s how it’s held up a […]

The First Step to Digital Art – ISKN The Slate 2+ Review

So you’re an artist, illustrator or designer. You’ve been drawing on paper with a pen or pencil and are considering switching to digital to switch things up. But where and how do you start? What do you use? Those are questions I asked myself when I was thinking of trying out digital. And those questions […]

Is the HP Pavilion x360 14″ the Best Mid-Range Laptop? – Review

In our review of the DELL XPS 13, we mentioned that you can either get a low end or high-end laptop. There is no middle ground if you’re looking for a laptop that is excellent in every way, as corners will have to be cut to keep the price low. However, sometimes a mid-range laptop […]

MOFT X Invisible and Foldaway Stand for Phone – Review

We recently had a look at the MOFT stand for laptop, a great invisible solution to working without the aches and pain that come with using your laptop for a work session. Today we’re having a look at the MOFT X phone stand.  We all hold our phones vertically but sometimes can’t find a stand […]