Apple Watch Series 2. One Year Later. Was it worth it?

You have a phone, you have everything you need. Why buy a smartwatch? Okay, maybe the Apple Watch doesn’t provide everything we need. However, it stands out. It provides more than its competitors. features, that matter to users and artists. One year later its still on my wrist. When you think of it, It’s merely […]

LIFX Bulb – lighting every artist needs.

Go to your studio. Decide to make new artwork. Get out your materials. Create. But then, the frustration kicks in. Your lighting is terrible. Mixing colors, identifying how dark or light to shade is difficult. Or worse. You create a masterpiece. Want your friends and the whole world to see. However, your light bulb thinks […]

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck By Mark Manson – Review

First Impressions. Now just by reading the title of this book, you’d think it’s about getting wasted every day. Kissing a goat with no “fucks” given. But it is entirely different and pretty much the opposite of all that. What it’s really about. The world is a pretty messed up place, and we’re being bombarded […]