5 Pieces Of Clothing You Should Be Wearing In Hot Climates

I’m currently in Bangkok Thailand, and it is 33 degrees here on a typical day. The chances are that’s much warmer than the location you’re in right now, and if it isn’t, count yourself lucky because it is unbearable to walk outside! As well as that, it’s also challenging to look stylish while staying cool. So here are five types of clothing you should be wearing in hot weather.

An Undershirt

In hot climates, you’re going to be sweating a lot. There’s just no way around it and sweating results to having armpit sweat which is a confidence killer. A solution is the Thompson Tee. I’ve mentioned the Thompson Tee before.

Sweat is always going to be present, you can’t stop it, but you can adapt to it. While the sweat is present, it never makes its way past the first layer that touches your skin. They call it Hydro-Shield Sweatproof technology. What that means is, when you sweat you would generally stain your shirt but instead, the sweat evaporates because of this undershirt. The undershirt turns sweat into an odorless gas. It never reaches the top of your shirt, all without harmful chemicals that aren’t great for your body.

The Thompson Tee is essential in hot weather, we highly recommend it.

Vibrant Clothing

There’s no better time to rock some colorful prints than in hot weather. It not only makes you stand out from a crowd of t-shirts and shorts. Many experts believe that colors can affect your mood. Some even suggest the color you wear reflects your personality.

African Prints are great vibrant pieces of clothing you can pull off in hot climates. It’s not something you’d normally find people wearing unless you’re in Africa of course, therefore it elevates your style game the one I’m wearing in the photo above is by De La Sebure. It’s also easy to incorporate colors into clothing.

Instead of wearing a regular shirt, wear a shirt with a beautiful flower pattern. One important tip I will give about wearing any printed clothing is ensuring the fit is excellent. Snug around the arms and chest to give a Tapered Slim fit V look. Opt for a poorly fitting shirt then you will look like a Grandad going on vacation to Hawaii. Fit makes all the difference in how you look.

White Sneakers

White sneakers are one of the most versatile and timeless pieces of clothing anyone can own. They go well with any piece of clothing in your luggage, and you can wear them multiple times. There’s no better time to wear it than in hot climates. It’s much easier to maintain them when you’re in a warm place that rarely gets wet.

If you want to clean them all you need is a toothbrush, toothpaste and a damp cloth which isn’t hard to find when traveling. I’ve brought a pair of white sneakers with me on trips to places with hot climates like Bosnia, Croatia, and Thailand. We would highly recommend bringing them with you on future trips to warm areas.

Trench Coat

Hot climate doesn’t always mean no rain; it can mean more rain than countries that don’t have hot climates. I’ve learned that the hard way in Thailand. While it may be hot there, when it rains, it is heavy non-stop rain. And for that, you need to be protected, while also looking stylish. A trench coat is an awesome way to pull this off. It looks great while also protecting you from the rain and is pretty lightweight too for warm rainy weather.

The trench coat you see above was only £35 from Tk-Maxx –  With An Original price of £189. A great tip is to shop for coats out of season. If its summer time in your area, that is a great time to invest in a quality coat as prices are relatively cheaper then than the fall time or winter times.

Breathable Underwear 

What you wear underneath is just as important as what you wear outside, especially in hot weather. If you are traveling a lot, and going to a place with a warm climate and can’t change your underwear on the go you for sure need to something of high-quality that’s breathable.

I’ve tried out the Ribbed Tee‘s G3 men’s CoolNylon boxer briefs. They have a silk-like body-friendly fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable as well as abrasion and odor resistance which is necessary for the long hours of travel, sitting on planes, trains, and buses in hot climates. Ribbed Tee provides a comfortable experience that helps keep you cool.


And that’s it; those are five types of clothing you should be wearing in hot climates. We didn’t include every piece of clothing; sometimes less is more. We broke it down into five essential pieces of clothing that you’ll need to take on the scorching hot climates when traveling.


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