Five products that will make your travel experience better

We all love to travel. We all love to get away and be in a different environment. But we also like convenience and things that can make our travel experience even more convenient. Here are five products I think are a must when traveling.

Comfortable underwear

Underwear, everyone wears it, everyone has it. But not everyone has comfortable underwear. We wear what we have; we become so used to it, that we don’t look for other options, more comfortable options. I tried out the Ribbed Tee‘s G3 men’s CoolNylon boxer briefs on my trip to Lithuania and let me tell you, they are great. At times I forgot I was even wearing underwear. They have a silk-like body-friendly fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable as well as abrasion and odor resistant fabric which is necessary for the long hours of travel, sitting on planes, trains, and buses.

My only gripe with them is they felt a bit loose on me, perhaps because it has an anti-pinch & anti-roll hidden waistband that make them so on purpose? Overall comfortable underwear is needed for travel and Ribbed Tee’s soon to be released G3 men’s underwear is just that.


Tiege Hanley

Traveling takes a significant toll on your skin. Those Long hours on a plane and barely getting sleep can result in dark eye circles, I’ve had my fair share of them until I tried out Tiege Hanley. Tiege Hanley is an uncomplicated skincare system for men. Instead of purchasing many different products from different companies you have that one skincare system with various products that work together. Their eye cream for me is what makes the product stand out especially for travel. It contains unique ingredients like caffeine, which reduces those zombie looking eye circles making you look fresh after a long journey.


Feeling your best is essential, and a part of feeling good comes from feeling fresh. When your journey is long its quite difficult to just hop into a shower, where will you randomly find one when you’re on the go? A product that keeps you feeling dry and clean is Chassis premium powder. Yes, a powder for you know where I’m talking about. This powder is not like your ordinary talcum powders that get weird and moist after you use it. Chassis helps you stay dry, fresh and odor free. It uses natural ingredients like pumpkin seed, oatmeal, and aloe extracts. Shake it in your hand, rub, and your good to go.

Travel Backpack

Luggage is an obvious part of travel, everyone uses and needs luggage when traveling. The question is how convenient are you going to make carrying luggage? The Aer Travel Pack is all about convenience. It’s a slick looking 33L carry-on sized backpack that opens up like a suitcase and can fit a lot of things. Great for a weekend trip, entirely replacing the need for a suitcase. Just one backpack for one trip.

Small laptop

For some traveling isn’t all about chilling and having fun. It’s about work. A desktop is not an option to work on for obvious reasons, so a laptop is what you need. One laptop that stands out for travel is the DELL XPS 13. You want something small and light that doesn’t take space. You want convenience; you want power and functionality. That’s what the XPS 13 is. It’s thin. It’s bezeless. It’s great. Laptops have got thinner, yet they still take space. The lack of bezels makes the form factor significantly smaller. That’s a big deal regarding travel. Once you try it, you will never be able to go back.

The XPS 13 has specs that work for everybody. DELL give you options to choose from depending on what you need it for. If you are a video editor and need more ram to edit you can opt for a 16 GB RAM version. If you want to watch movies in 4K after your business hours while traveling, you can do that. If you don’t need 16 GB of RAM, there’s something for you there too. DELL has done a great job with the cooling, it’s quite a quiet laptop for its size and stays cool nearly all the time. Which is a must for travel, you don’t want a vacuum cleaner on a plane.

Wireless earphones

Wireless earphones are the ultimate convenience device. When you have it, it’s tough to go back. There’s no better way to use them than when you’re on the go, walking around in an airport, boarding a plane, exploring a city, it’s just there. Jabra did a great job with their Jabra Elite Sport.

Jabra built these earphones with workouts in mind. It comes with fitness features like a heart rate sensor and GPS, but I also find them beneficial for travel. Staying fit while traveling is a must. Jabra provides buttons that allow you to change the volume and change songs. They are placed in a way that makes it convenient to press. My only problem with them is that they get uncomfortable when pressed because you feel the pressure against your ears.

They can get a little loose in your ears on a windy day or when you start moving a lot but they never really fall out. Battery life is essential, with these I get around 5 hours. there’s a small compartment that looks pretty cool to store them when you’re not using it. They can provide you with an additional 9 hours of playback. That is something that makes them convenient. At the end of the day, it all comes down to sound. These are not perfect; I had to mess around with the EQ settings in the companion app to get them somewhat right. Sound wise they’re not as good as the Sudio Vasa Bla, but, hey, they are fully wireless.

Those are my top 5 products that I think make the travel experience so much better, I highly recommend them if you’re looking for something to make life easy for yourself when on the go.


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