My Experience in Gdańsk – Should You Visit Poland?

We’ve been to Poland many times. Kraków was the last city we went to, which was terrific. Gdańsk has been next on the list for a while now, and we finally made it a trip! If you’re thinking of visiting Gdańsk anytime soon, then continue reading.

Small and walkable

The city itself, unlike Kraków, is not big. It’s pretty small, which is excellent for walkability. Perfect for a weekend getaway. Restaurants, malls and landmarks are within a short walking distance, so you can explore the whole city on foot. The only form of transport we paid for was the uber from our airport to Airbnb, which didn’t cost much, about 10 euros.

Amazing food options


Eating out in Poland is a lot of fun. There are many great restaurants and food stands to choose from in Gdańsk. No matter what kind of food you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it here. They have restaurants specialising in everything from sushi to traditional Polish cuisine and everything in between. Be sure to check out Pierogarnia Stary Młyn for amazing pierogis! 

Winter is Coming

Winter in Gdańsk is lovely. There is so much beauty to take in around you. We were lucky to visit in December when the city was decorated with Christmas lights everywhere you looked! It was so festive. But we were also unlucky to visit in December because the city was freezing. Being located beside the sea meant it was much colder here than in other parts of Poland we had visited. We’re talking temperatures dropping to -12 degrees Celsius in the daytime. Another big issue was so much ice on the cobblestone floor of the old town that slipping was a recurring theme in our trip. So be sure to watch where you step. 

Things to do in Gdańsk

You can do a good amount of activities in and around Gdansk. The old town is the main attraction, with the Basilica of St. Mary at the centre of it. You’ll also find some stunning ancient architecture that gives the city its own vibe. You can visit the harbour, which has many bars and restaurants to explore and enjoy. Shopping malls are a massive thing in Poland. Galeria Madison and Forum Gdańsk are worth checking out. 

Who is Gdańsk for?

Gdańsk is for those who want a lovely walkable, culturally rich city with fantastic architecture and deep history. Those who want to go somewhere for a weekend, to get away from the bustling atmosphere of the big city they are currently living in. 

My thoughts

Many tourists go to Gdańsk, especially during the summer, but winter has a distinct vibe. A few things to bare in mind is the blessing and curse of Gdańsk being so small and walkable. You end up seeing the whole city in 3 days which is what happened with us—leaving you with a “what do we do now?” attitude. So a weekend is all you need to get the most out of your trip. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend going in the wintertime as the city gets very cold and the joy of walking around gets taken away due to the cold temperature. But if you’re visiting any other time but winter, we highly recommend visiting Gdańsk. It’s a beautiful little gem in Europe that is definitely worth checking out.


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