Should you get rid of your old eraser? – Electric eraser Review

Every artist’s best friend. We use them. They help us. Save us. Free us from our own mistakes. But like anything in life, there are limitations. Mistakes that cannot be fixed. Help that cannot be given. Problems that cannot be solved. Manual erasers are quite limited in this sense. You pick it up, rub it on a part you messed up hopefully your mistake will disappear. However, it doesn’t always sound that easy. When you want to up your art game a manual eraser might just be your worst enemy. They’re big and chunky, erasing more than you would want it to. If you want to create detailed work, you can’t use a big chunky eraser to erase parts of a drawing to create highlights, pores or shine in hair. You’ll need to invest in something that can. Something that’s reliable. Something that works.


Electric erasers have been out for a couple of years now. They have been remade over the years, many times by many companies. It’s not something easy to create. How do you make a better, more efficient version of every artist’s best friend? Derwent did a great job at answering that question with their Derwent Battery Powered Eraser.


The version I have is black, with a matte finish. It has a textured feel to it all around the body, which provides great grip. The on/off switch is a single button positioned on the body in such a way so that it is held like a pen which is quite ergonomically comfortable. Perfect for right handed or left handed people. 8 soft feeling erasers come with it, which are cylindrical in shape and provide nice fine erasing.

When the eraser gets dirty you can power it on and place it on paper or just switch it out for a new one. Which is just as easy. The eraser is placed into a metal holder that holds the eraser out of the unit so you can grasp the old eraser and pull it out. Simply put, a new eraser back in its place and adjust how much eraser sticks out of the metal holder. Push the holder and the new eraser back into place.

The eraser requires 2 AAA batteries which aren’t included but can easily be slid into the slot on the body.

Features and Functionality.


The battery powered eraser works well, it’s simple and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It thoroughly erases the darkest of graphite with ease. You can also use it for pencil and charcoal edge cleanup, for creating crisp, erased edges within tight areas and for pulling out small detail highlights in a graphite drawing with precision and control.It does not tear or damage the paper itself at all. However, It does make a bit of noise which is understandable considering it has a motor in it that makes the eraser spin fast. It also does not take too much power. I don’t have to change the battery often considering I use it a lot.

My thoughts.

Since I’ve gotten this, I rarely use my big chunky eraser. I love how this gives me choice. If I don’t feel like using the quick, powerful erasing I can use it without turning it on, making soft highlights on a drawing. If I make a mistake that must be gone ASAP I turn it on and fix it right away. The battery eraser is brilliant quality, at a reasonable price with very cheap refills. Creating art itself is a time-consuming process. You simply can’t do by hand what this eraser can do without a lot more effort and time. I think it is an essential product that all artists should have.

I would rate it 10/10

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