LIFX Bulb – lighting every artist needs.

Go to your studio. Decide to make new artwork. Get out your materials. Create. But then, the frustration kicks in. Your lighting is terrible. Mixing colors, identifying how dark or light to shade is difficult. Or worse.
You create a masterpiece. Want your friends and the whole world to see. However, your light bulb thinks otherwise, producing dull lighting, that doesn’t give your piece the eye-popping attention it deserves. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can avoid it. You can fight it. One product that has helped me fought it is the LIFX bulb.
Light has been here before we were here. And now it has evolved. Evolved into something revolutionary.
LIFX pretty much changed my life, it represents how I’ve evolved as an artist. Going back seeing how noisy and terrible pictures of some drawing were to how eye-popping and clear they are now is just a tip of that evolution.

But wait, I’m an artist too what is LIFX?

Well, they are light bulbs but not your ordinary light bulb. They function using Wi-Fi. They save energy. The color 1000 hits 10505 lumens, with an “A+” rating. According to LIFX based on three hours of use, they should work for about 22 years. I didn’t have the bulb for that long, so I can’t really confirm.

How do I set it up?

For such an advanced piece of tech, you’d expect a requirement for some extravagant cable or tool. But not with LIFX. You slot it into the socket and there you go. Easy. Simply Works, just like that. With switches still functional.

The fun stuff

A LIFX bulb hugely sets you apart from the average normal light bulb. Having an amazing looking modern mansion is fantastic. But even an average house at night with a LIFX bulb will put people in awe when they see it work from the outside.
The companion app works, it does what it’s meant to do and offers choice.
There’s a huge variety of colors, intensity, and brightness to choose from. That will provide an amazing atmosphere and mood when having a party or when you just want to relax.

As an artist, there is a massive benefit. You are provided with different temperatures of white light to choose from. From cool, to warm. It’s your choice. The average bulb only produces that horrible yellowish light that makes it impossible for you to create art. Mixing colors accurately and shading is almost impossible. But with a cool white light that almost mimics natural lighting, that isn’t the case.
Natural daylight lighting is the best for any artist. That’s why the Impressionists painted outside as they couldn’t mimic natural lighting, they had to go out and experience it. In my opinion, the LIFX bulb is the closest thing in terms of brightness and temperature to natural lighting. It is simply a must have for an artist. Even if you’re not an artist, for me I think it’s an essential to have in a house. Whether you’re looking to relax, throw a party, watch a movie, listen to music. LIFX has something in store for you. It has it all.
LIFX has helped me evolved as an artist, it is defiantly worth buying. Once you get it, there’s no going back to your average light bulb. That’s for sure.

I would give the LIFX bulb a solid 10/10.
Check out to get your LIFX bulb.


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