My Experience in Ljubljana – Should you visit Slovenia?

Small, charming, historic, with a bit of a confusing name to say for most. Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia. A city that wouldn’t be a number one choice to most people if they had the choice between it and bigger European cities. But I’ve been there and here’s my experience after a week in this beautiful city, is it worth visiting?

Small, in a Good and Bad Way

Ljubljana city

Home to a population of 300,000 Ljubljana is a relatively small city, especially for a capital city. 
It is not a huge busy city with the hustle and bustle of traffic and city noise. It is quiet with the heart of the city completely traffic-free and designed for pedestrians. This leaves the old cobbled paths and the banks of the Ljubljanica River to people strolling through and terraces of restaurants and bars. One thing you’ll notice about Ljubljana is everything is within walking distance, which means no need for public transport to get you from A to B. But one thing I noticed is that people sure love cycling around the city.

Now the bad thing about it being such a small city is after a few days of staying here, everything starts becoming very familiar. It gets to a stage where you find yourself not having much to do anymore. I was only here for 1 week and felt this way. if you’re spending more, it’s something to consider.

Things to Do

Just like a lot of capital cities, there’s a lot to do in Ljubljana. Since everything is within walking distance it’s all easy to access. However, I think your time is better spent outside, unless the weather goes bad, then going somewhere indoors like a museum would be a better option. You can walk around the Old Town and get a real sense of the city’s history and architecture in a couple of hours.

I highly recommend dedicating at least one full day to the city. Just wandering through the beautiful old streets getting a boat tour if you can and getting a drink at a riverside bar, admiring the architecture at the city’s main square.

The Key Escape Room

I’ve never been to an escape room or ever understood the concept of what an escape room was. This was my first escape room and it was awesome. It seems to be a very popular thing to do in the city. It requires teamwork, concentration, and observation. That’s not easy to have when you’re locked up somewhere without any of your belongings.

We went to the DA VINCI & SHERLOCK ROOM. The DaVinci room had many secrets hidden and coded into the objects in the room and the room itself was like you went back in time. The main goal was to discover the key of his time machine which is easier said than done. When found you can open a door which leads you into Sherlock Holmes room. This room has many puzzles, logical connections, hidden objects. After completing all that you find the final key which takes you back to freedom. All this has to be done within 70 minutes to escape. It was fun, we had a great time. I would highly recommend it.

Musuem of Illusions

My 3rd time in this museum in 3 different countries and just like always it is interesting and unique, jampacked with illusions and puzzles.

Ljubljana Castle

The Ljubljana Castle stands out in the city. You can hike up to the castle through steep, weird stairs or take the cable car. The best thing about the castle is the view. The views of the city and the mountain is gorgeous. There is a restaurant in the castle and a couple of things in the castle that are free to see, others require an entry fee. The castle is one of those places in the city that is a must to visit.


I would describe Ljubljana as a chill, laid back and quiet city. There aren’t many aspects of the city that will blow your mind, instead, the city is all about its vibrant atmosphere. You definitely won’t get New York or London vibes here. But you will get a colorful and laidback Old Town surrounding a hill, topped with a castle. Ljubljana is pretty and picturesque a perfect place to visit for a couple of days.

Who is Ljubljana for?

Ljubljana is for those who want to get away from their noisy, busy city or just find a nice getaway place from stress in daily life. It is also an excellent romantic getaway. The atmosphere, pedestrian-only streets, surrounding cafes and restaurants around the city, make it an ideal place to bring your loved one. 

Price wise it’s not a crazy expensive city. Everything is reasonably priced.

Is Ljubljana worth it?

Dragon statue in Ljubljana

Yes, I would highly recommend Ljubljana. Sometimes living or traveling to big cities can get overwhelming. But going to a smaller city like Ljubljana can truly open you to a new perspective and clear your mind. It’s truly a breath of fresh air being in a place where you can spend most of your time walking and appreciating your surroundings without worrying about traffic and noise.


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