MOFT X Invisible and Foldaway Stand for Phone – Review

We recently had a look at the MOFT stand for laptop, a great invisible solution to working without the aches and pain that come with using your laptop for a work session. Today we’re having a look at the MOFT X phone stand

We all hold our phones vertically but sometimes can’t find a stand to work correctly with vertical angles; most attachable stands on the market are designed to work horizontally.

Popsockets have been a trend for a while. You attach them to the back of your phone, and it forms as a stand and grip to hold. The problem with them is they don’t stand vertically, they can be a bit bulky in your pocket, and that’s pretty much all they do, nothing fancy. The MOFT X phone stand aims to be much more than just a phone stand. Does it succeed at that?


The MOFT X phone stand is super compact, light and thin at just 4.7mm, weighing 1 oz. It’s constructed with the same special polyurethane and fiberglass material as in the MOFT stand. The MOFT X is similar to the MOFT stand in a lot of ways. One thing I’ve noticed is that MOFT stands are sturdy and solid, even with its thin design. On the MOFT X, you get a special removable adhesive which attaches and detaches from your phone. It’s able to be reattached with the same strength, effectiveness, and sensitivity without glue residue. I found it to be tough to detach the MOFT X from my phone, but once reattached it stuck with ease and was tough to detach again. 

One thing I love about the MOFT X stand is its handgrip design. When you have a large phone, it’s great for one-handed situations. It’s comfortable and secure, and there’s never any need to worry about the possibility of your phone falling. I particularly find it useful for when taking selfies and you want to extend your hand out but don’t want to lose grip of the phone.

Features and functionality – feature-packed

The MOFT X phone stand isn’t just another phone stand; or like a popsocket isn’t just for grip. As well as the handgrip design which I would count as a feature, it’s also got a hidden pocket for cards. Which can fit up to 3 cards and includes RFID-blocking for extra security. I found myself putting my card in my MOFT X phone stand and rarely bring my wallet around.

The MOFT X comes in a portrait and landscape mode. The 60-degree in portrait mode is great suitable for, browsing, and facetiming. In 40-degree landscape, you can watch movies and youtube. 

To make being able to be locked in the standing modes happen, the MOFT X has a magnetic locking mechanism. It can be used in various environments and easily locked. It also gets addicting to mess around with. However, I feel the magnetic lock for putting it in stand mode could be a lot stronger for one-handed mode. The MOFT X stand comes with a magnetic mount. So you can stick the mount anywhere like your kitchen cabinet, bedroom wall, car and place your phone on the mount. 

My thoughts

The MOFT X phone stand is a great accessory to have on your phone. After testing it for a couple of weeks, I can’t imagine using my phone without it. It’s a great wallet, grip, stand. It’s made a difference in the way I use and interact with my phone. The material used is excellent. It doesn’t absorb dirt and water when your hands are wet. The 60-degree stand mode is an ergonomic and sweet spot, I find myself being able to glance at notifications when it’s standing beside my laptop when working. And with a face ID phone, it unlocks seamlessly. One thing I’ll note is the magnet could be a bit stronger for the one-handed mode. I’ve also noticed some loose threads along the top of the stand which is annoying, it doesn’t hinder the functionality, but seeing a huge thread dangling on the back of your phone. 

Is the MOFT X phone stand worth it?

Yes, it’s a great accessory to use on your phone, and once you have it, it’s hard to go back. It’s jampacked with features that make using your phone and life easy. We use our phone all the time, having something to improve the way we use it matters. And it’s what the MOFT X phone stand is all about. 

The MOFT X phone stand is available on Kickstarter since September 3, 2019. The early bird price for the MOFT phone stand is $14 per stand and $26 for double packs if the MOFT X phone stand sounds useful to you the MOFT Kickstarter page for more information.

Kickstarter link

MOFT X - Invisible and Foldaway Stand for Phone
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    Value - 10/10


There aren’t many accessories on the market that does what the MOFT X does. It’s is a great accessory you didn’t know you needed, and once you use one, it’s difficult to go back.


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