Full Leather Case and Magnetic Wallet by Mujjo, the Perfect Duo? – Review

With the recent iPhone 14 Pro launch, it’s time to look at some cool accessories to protect your new device. Last year we looked at the full leather wallet case from Mujjo. This year we’re looking at the Mujjo Full leather case and their new Full leather Magnetic wallet. Are they worth it?

Design – Clean and Sleek, the Mujjo way

The Mujjo design language has remained minimal and sleek over the years, with the leather cases generally remaining the same in terms of design and functionality. This year’s leather case, however, has a couple of extra features compared to last year.

Changes from last year’s Mujjo case

What differentiates this year’s full leather case from last year’s case on paper is the MagSafe functionality, wireless charging and the machined metal buttons, which are meant to provide extra tactile feedback and responsiveness.

1 month later

I’ve been using the Mujjo full leather case for a month, and one of the biggest issues I’ve had is the machined metal button. They are not clicky nor responsive. They’re the toughest buttons I’ve tested on a Mujjo leather case which is disappointing for a newly added feature that I was expecting to make a world of difference. Wireless charging, however, is a nice additional feature.

Now, the magnets are somewhat firm when we look at the MagSafe feature. However, the leather’s texture allows MagSafe accessories to slide around compared to other cases, especially the Apple leather case, which holds accessories well. The texture of the Vegetable-tanned Ecco leather makes the Mujjo Full leather case less reliable with accessories.

We’ve also noticed that the Vegetable-tanned Ecco leather on the case is on the fragile side to where I notice more damage from drops or scratches. It seems to have a different cut of leather compared to last year’s case, which was great. While the leather is still of decent quality, it feels like a downgrade compared to last year’s full leather wallet case in Monaco blue.

Mujjo Full Leather Magnetic Wallet

Now, the Full Leather Magnetic Wallet is a new product from Mujjo. It’s similar to the one apple sells, just without the FindMy functionality and various colour options. It’s compact and looks great. Unfortunately, it uses the same Vegetable-tanned Ecco leather that doesn’t feel durable.

Genius MagSafe functionality

While the MagSafe functionality of the wallet doesn’t feel strong on the full leather case because of the leather’s texture, the Mujjo full Leather Magnetic Wallet is super strong on non-leather cases, particularly plastic and silicone cases. The slip-resistant silicone on the back of the wallet is a genius touch as it not only magnetically attaches to the phone but it also adds grip to the back of the phone while it slides in and out of your pocket. This makes it the strongest MagSafe accessory we’ve tested yet, just not on the Mujjo full leather case, which is unfortunate.

Holds cards well, a little too well

Upon drop testing, we love how cards don’t fly out upon impact. Going from using three cards to only using one doesn’t weaken or stretch out the hold the full Leather magnetic wallet has on the cards over time, which is perfect.

However, taking cards out of the wallet is a clumsy task. The cards are held very securely, which is a good thing to avoid them falling out if you ever drop your phone. But while there are many access areas on the case, there isn’t much surface area to grip a card out when the case is flat on your iPhone. It can get messy if you’re in a rush, especially if you have a card you need underneath another card. I found myself detaching the wallet from my phone entirely and using it as a regular card wallet when I needed to get my metro card quickly.


Overall, Mujjo’s Full Leather Magnetic Wallet is the most impressive Mujjo product of the year, more so than the full leather case. Both products strive to rival Apple in terms of quality at a cheaper price. While the Full leather case didn’t meet my expectations, it’s still a decent leather case. 

Who are they for?

The full leather case is priced similarly at £54 to the official apple leather case at £59. And as great of a Mujjo product, the full leather magnetic wallet is at £44 compared to the £54 of the official apple leather wallet; the lack of the FindMy feature could be a deal breaker for some to where you wouldn’t mind dishing out an extra £10 to get something that will give you peace of mind, or not dish anything at all if you manage to get it on discount. So I’m not sure if I could recommend both products.

I’m generally not quite sure who Mujjo is targeting with these products, as I can imagine most people going with the official Apple accessories. However, suppose one was to get the Mujjo Full leather wallet case which is a leather case that has a slot for cards on it, then that would be the perfect deal that I can recommend.

It combines a wallet and a leather case, becoming cheaper than what you’d get from Apple since they don’t make such cases. It’s also a cheaper overall package than purchasing the magnetic wallet and full leather case from Mujjo.

Overall the craftsmanship and attention to detail put Mujjo light years ahead of the competition. Mujjo could rival Apple, but Apple has the upper hand with the ecosystem’s exclusive features. However, I’m intrigued to see what Mujjo does next.

Full Leather Case: Price – £54

Full Leather Magnetic Wallet: Price – £44


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