Sudio Niva Review

Wireless earphones are the future. I’m a huge fan myself of wireless earphones. I don’t see myself ever going back to wired earphones. Convenience matters, and that’s what a pair of wireless earphones offer, and what makes them so handy to use. We’ve looked at the Jabra Elite Sport, the Sudio Vasa Bla. Now we look at the Sudio Niva. Does it deliver?


Subtle, minimal and classy, the Niva looks excellent, but looks aren’t everything, these earphones fit well into the ear, and are small and lightweight making them very comfortable to use. They are genuinely wireless earphones, unlike the Vasa Bla that had a cable. The Niva comes with a portable case that holds over four charges so you can charge it on the go. The case has a magnetic slot which allows you to put the earphones in easily. My only gripe with the case? I find its too big especially since it has a round form factor. I feel there is so much that could’ve been cut off to make it smaller. When you look at the Jabra Elite sports case it isn’t as big and clunky, taking the Niva out with me can sometimes be a pain knowing I’ll have to bring this big case with me in case I have to charge it.

How does it sound?

For truly wireless earphones, it sounds terrific. Crisp sounds with a lot of bass, which some wireless earphones like the Jabra elite sport lacks. The Niva is built in a way that repels external noise; this can be really good but sometimes bad. Look at it this way, you’re going for a walk or a run and you cant hear your surroundings, that can be scary. But then you’re on a full bus and only need to listen to music, that can be awesome. But one thing that isn’t great is phone calls. Phone calls aren’t loud at times and only seem to work with sound come from one single earbud and not the other one. That can be annoying when you’re in noisy environments and can’t hear who you’re talking to on the phone. Another annoying thing is sync problems, there can be a slight delay at times from when you’re watching a movie and the sound on the earphones, it doesn’t seem to be a problem with music, but just videos. All in all, with some slight issues, the sound quality on the Niva is top notch.


Now, this is where the Nivas fall short for me especially for the price. There’s pause, play, and Siri, that’s it. You can’t do any more than that. No volume functions, no waterproof, no rewind/forward or ability to switch to the next track. Functions other earphones on the market have. And even the Vasa Bla by sudio has, this is quite disappointing. Almost like a step back for a truly wireless experience and having that wireless freedom, I shouldn’t have to switch back to my phone to do certain things everything should be seamless and be done on the go from the one device. The battery life is decent, you’l get about 3/5 hours battery life, with the option to charging it in the case anytime.


Convenience matters, that’s why tech exists, to help improve everyday life and make it convenient for you and me. The Nivas are not perfect earphones but for what they are designed for, they work very well and sound great.

I love good design, and I love music. If you are looking for something that will deliver quality sound and looks great, the Niva delivers.

It’s not perfect. I would like it to have a companion app with the freedom to customize specific features, along with a way to customize the EQ. The lack of functionality is a deal breaker for me, but if that isn’t a problem to you, and you want earphones solely to listen to music then perhaps these are the ones for you.

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