At $730 is the Sandro Paris Apollo Overcoat Worth Buying? – Review

Winter is here, the air is biting shrewdly, and you’ve got to stay warm. On the search for a coat?

See the differences between these two coats first, and if an overcoat is what you need, continue reading.

The Sandro Paris Apollo Overcoat is a coat I’ve had my eyes on for a while now. I snatched it a few months back and have been testing it ever since.

Sophisticated and Elegant

At first glance, the Sandro Paris Apollo Overcoat looks premium and Parisian. It has a bold silhouette that makes you stand out. I’ve gotten many compliments on this overcoat, either verbally or just people smiling and greeting me when I go out with it on. People tend to treat you better when you wear it, especially when combined with the Mujjo leather touchscreen gloves

The grey color has held up very nicely and doesn’t pick up much dirt; In fact, it conceals stains, which can then be cleaned rather easily, although I’d advise you not to stain it. You’ll need a lint roller from time to time as it does pick up white lint, but it’s nothing major.

Sandro kept the coat quite minimal. There’s a notched lapel with no chest pocket or any intricate detail on the back or any extra pockets on the front. It has sleeve cuffs that are actually functional. 


In an old, and I mean old post about overcoats, I advised getting a camel overcoat, but now I’ve changed my mind. A charcoal grey overcoat is elegant, masculine, and sophisticated. A timeless piece, You can dress it up or dress it down, wearing it for any occasion. The only thing about wearing a grey overcoat is that it looks great with every other color except grey, as opposed to a camel overcoat that works with every color. However, I think grey is an excellent color for a coat and one I recommend.

The Quality

60% wool 25% polyamide 10% cashmere, the coat is mid-ranged in terms of materials and price. However, for the price, I would expect a higher wool or cashmere count. At a touch, it feels structured and not a blanket feeling fabric like low-end coats made from Polyester. It has a slight padding on the shoulders that adds to the coat’s structure, but not too much to give you a boxy look. 

I usually judge the quality of a coat or shirt by its buttons, and the buttons on this coat are really great quality. The buttons are stitched to a small button on the inner side of the coat; instead of just being stitched to the fabric, you’ll never worry about it breaking.  

The fit

The coat fits really great. I’m 177cm – 5ft10. I’m rocking a 38R, which is my typical size for suits and coats. The coat is on the slim side, which is great when you’re not wearing too much under it, but movement can be slightly restrictive when you’re wearing a heavy sweater underneath. But it all depends on your build. If you get a 38R and you’re a tall and skinny kind of guy, you may not have a problem with a heavy sweater underneath. 

Speaking of heavy, the coat is on the heavy side. After a day wearing it, it can get taxing on the shoulders, so that’s something to consider.  


The coat overall has 4 pockets. Because it’s missing a chest pocket, it makes up for it with an additional inner pocket when coats typically have the one, as well as the 2 outer pockets. The pockets are spacious. I tend to put things into the inner pocket as it masks the bulkiness better than on the side pockets since this coat is on the slim side. 

The coat doesn’t have a hanger loop, which can be annoying, it just has the brand tag, and I guess you can use that as a hanger loop, but it’s not the same.

Will it Keep You Warm?

As we mentioned above, the coat is quite heavy, and the primarily wool material is designed to keep you warm. I’ve worn this in negative degree weather in Sweden, and it’s been great at keeping me warm. 


At €485/$730, the Sandro Apollo Overcoat is on that mid-range price point in euro and fits right there, although it is a lot pricier in USD. It’s not 100% wool or 100% cashmere, but it’s also not 100% polyester.

Some would argue that the coat is overpriced for not having higher wool or cashmere count and that’s a good point, it could be higher, but because of the luxury Sandro Paris brand, you’re paying more compared to a none luxury brand. I would encourage you to try getting this coat at a discount if you can.

All in all, the Sandro Paris Apollo Overcoat is a great looking coat that’s held up pretty well over the months and has kept me warm and will probably do the same for you too.

Price: €485/$730

Where to Buy – Sandro Paris – (Unfortunately the grey color is not available online anymore. There are other color choices to choose from of the same coat. If you want this exact grey one, try visiting a Sandro Paris Store, they might just have it in stock)

Sandro Paris Apollo Overcoat
  • 9.6/10
    Design - 9.6/10
  • 8.5/10
    Quality - 8.5/10
  • 9.3/10
    Fit - 9.3/10
  • 9/10
    Versatility - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Functionality - 9/10


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