BetaBrand Dress Pant SweatPants. Best Pants For travelling? – Review

Comfort. An essential component of clothes we wear. If It’s not comfortable it’s torture to wear. Sadly many of us, including myself, have to sacrifice comfort in order to look good. We would all rather just wear baggy pants to the airport that gives us flexibility for every movement and offer great comfort for that long flight, right? Problem is, we would all look like slouches. So we opt for slim-fit jeans or pants that just aren’t all that comfortable.

But does this mean we are doomed and have to stick to wearing stuffy uncomfortable pants for the rest of our lives while traveling? Not exactly.

A San Fransico based company named BetaBrand have offered to solve this problem with their Dress Pant Sweat Pants. I was able to get a hold of them and try them out. I traveled with them, walked about 30,000 steps with them daily for a week, sat down at airports for hours, and even slept with them on at one stage. Let’s just say, it was pretty strenuous testing.

How they Look

Sweatpants themselves don’t look all that great. But these Sweat Pant Dress Pants look quite nice. They contain belt loops, zippers, and pockets. The pockets are quite deep, which is great for storing a lot of travel items. The back pockets contain zips, great for storing a passport or wallet with the peace of mind that they won’t fall out. BetaBrand succeeds in the goal of making the pants look like a regular pair of dress pants…from a distance. The closer you get to the pants, the more those textures pop out and start to look like sweatpants. They also feel like sweatpants too.

Trying them out

When I tried them out at first. They fit like a regular pair of dress pants but was way bigger and baggier than I thought. Soon After, I found out that I actually ordered the wrong size. I normally wear a 32×32 which was what I ordered, but in the size guide its a completely different hip size and length. Watch out for that. I didn’t want to face the hassle of returning them as they did take long enough to arrive all the way from the USA to Ireland. So I decided to get them tailored, to achieve the perfect fit for me. Afterwards, they looked pretty amazing.

Are they that comfortable?

Oh yes they are. BetaBrand sure weren’t kidding about the comfort. I could actually call them Yoga pants instead. As that’s how comfortable they are. Stretching, bending, walking, running, is all not a problem with these pants. Making them great for traveling. For example, I went from walking up very steep slopes in the streets of Lyon in France to sitting down for 7 hours on a bus going from Prague to Lyon. I didn’t feel much discomfort at all.


For the person who takes their comfort seriously and travels a lot, this is a worthy investment. For the average person who has a car, goes to work, drives back to their home $98 on a pair of trousers may definitely be a lot. It’s all really a question of lifestyle. Spending $98 on that one perfect pair of ultra-comfortable office trousers. That I won’t be changing anytime soon and I wear when I’m traveling is worth it.


I go through a lot while traveling. Whether it is exploring an entire city by walking around for hours or sitting down on buses, planes or at airports for hours. It makes life easier, to have pants that offer that great level of comfort. That’s what a worthy investment should be, something that makes your life easier and improves your struggles. The BetaBrand Dress pants do just that. And I totally think it is worth it for all the travelers out there.


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