Dr Martens 2976 Chelsea Boots All Hype or Worth It? – Review

Dr Martens 2976 Chelsea Boots are the most common boots I’ve seen worn. You can spot a person wearing docs by the heel tag or famous yellow stitching on the soles. There has been this hype over them for years that I never quite understood. A few months ago, I needed a comfortable pair of versatile […]

Barner Blue Light Glasses Review – The best blue light glasses?

It is said that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. I’d argue that we spend most of our lives looking at screens. If you read about the impact of blue light, that’s scary. However, If you don’t know the impact, let’s just say that eye strain, lack of sleep, insufficient energy levels, and headaches […]

Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves – Review

Leather gloves are everywhere, touchscreen gloves too. But leather touchscreen gloves? Now that’s a different story. They’re rare, and if you want to stay stylish while keeping your hands warm along with the ability to use your phone, that can be a problem. We found one from Mujjo for €99.95. Out of the few leather […]

MOFT X Invisible and Foldaway Stand for Phone – Review

We recently had a look at the MOFT stand for laptop, a great invisible solution to working without the aches and pain that come with using your laptop for a work session. Today we’re having a look at the MOFT X phone stand.  We all hold our phones vertically but sometimes can’t find a stand […]

LXORY Bedside Lamp with Qi Wireless Charger – Review

Wireless chargers are commonly known for charging your device. You get your device, place it on the wireless charging pad, and it charges. Simple. But it doesn’t have to do just that. Wireless charging tech is getting advanced, taking a more significant role in the home. The LXORY bedside Lamp with Qi wireless charging isn’t […]

TYLT FOLD Wireless Charger – Review

Let’s face it, anything to do with wires is a pain. Wireless earphones, Bluetooth speakers, wireless mouse have become fastly adopted convenience products. You could still technically buy wired versions of all these devices but the lack of wires is a convenience factor. Wireless chargers are no exception. The TYLT Fold is created to be […]