Tanita RD-953 Smart Scale

Now, I haven’t been to a doctor in quite a long time. I finally went to one, for a check up. He asked whether I was feeling any illnesses and I said no. He checked my height and weight, said I was fine and that was it. Nothing else. I was quite surprised. I was expecting more than just that, more information.

Now since I haven’t been to a doctor much, I don’t know whether that’s what check ups are like for everyone or maybe my doctor was too lazy. But what I do know is that I would’ve loved to know more about my body and my health based on actual information. I’m sure many have probably felt that way too. Now, what if I told you a product you use all the time was modified in such a way that it can tell you more than my doctor did?

The Tanita Smart Scale does just that, in a reliable and easy way. I can’t guarantee accuracy. However, the idea is what matters the most, as it’s not about perfection but progress and having something to give you an idea of where you are, helps with progress of where you want to be in terms of health and fitness.


The scale is the most beautiful, I’ve ever seen really. It has a glossy front panel that can be a fingerprint and footprint magnet at times, but beautiful when clean and just stands out. On the front you get this gorgeous blue LED light that glows up when the scale is turned on. It also indicates information like if your body fat percentage was crazy unhealthy it would blink red, if it was “okay” it would blink yellow and if it was great you’d get a green light. The LED screen itself changes color to indicate that information. On it, you also get your name, age, and gender to identify each user, as different users can use the scale with their information saved on it, which is pretty awesome.

Features and Functionality.


The scale gives more information than your average scale and tells you more than your doctor, well my doctor anyways. It measures the following

  •  Weight (obviously)
  •  Body Fat %
  •  Total Body Water
  •  Visceral Fat Rating
  •  Muscle Mass
  •  Muscle Quality
  •  Bone Mass
  •  BMR
  •  Metabolic Age
  •  Physique Rating
  •  BMI

It does all this by sending tiny electrical signal to your body.

With Bluetooth included, you can connect your Android Or iOS device to it to track your health right from the companion App.


My thoughts.


I like to keep fit and stay healthy. However, I don’t like using weighing scales. I never believe my weight alone can tell me whether I’m truly healthy or not. You may think you’re overweight by looking at the numbers, but building muscle can increase weight, which is why many may not use scales too. I love how the Tanita Smart Scale isn’t your everyday weighing scale. It does more than just weight. If my goal is to lose body fat, I can, by using the scale to keep track of it. I find that tracking is very important. If you do random stuff you get random results. I also love how I can keep track of my health on my phone through using Bluetooth on the app makes everything quick. easy and accessible.

Would I recommend it?


I would definitely recommend it. To those who are mad into fitness and like to keep track of everything and to those who like to keep healthy and have regular information about their body. I think it is a game changer and I would rate it 10/10.

Get it here – http://tanita.eu


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