Tech You Need for Summer Travels as a Creator

Summer is here, chances are you want to travel somewhere, but you’re not all about going for pleasure and for relaxing you’re a creator and want to do some work and create some content during your trip. What are some critical things you should bring?

In this post, we’ve curated some of the best tech products that we use with us that will be perfect for a trip, whether it’s the beach or a city. Whether you take photos, shoot videos, or edit either of those.

A Portable Hard drive

Holding the WD 1TB My Passport Ultra Silver Portable External Hard Drive

Do you want to get more done on your trips? Do you want to have that freedom to create content with worry? Then you need a portable Hard drive.
One of the main things we’ve learned over the years of content creation while traveling is that you can never have too much storage – Lack of storage can ruin a whole trip. There’s nothing worse than being restricted with content creation, especially when it could always be avoided.

We’ve been using the WD 1 TB My Passport Ultra for over four months now, and it has helped remarkably. Whether that’s editing images, videos, or storing important files. We haven’t had any issues with the drive even with times of accidental disconnections. If you are worried about your data, it comes with encryption too, put in your password each time you plug it in, and you have access.

The WD My Passport Ultra itself is a small, compact and light hard, its incredibly pocket drive pocket-friendly. Dongles are annoying if you have a laptop like our DELL XPS 13 which only has USB-C ports, this hard drive comes with a USB-C port and cable on both sides. Makes life much easier on the go as you don’t have to worry about losing access to your data if you forget your dongle. Of course, if needed, you can still connect it to a laptop or a computer that has a standard USB port with the adaptor it comes with in the box.

A Power bank to charge your tech

Just when you think storage is important, a power bank is crucial. Because regardless of how much tech you bring with you or what we recommend, if you don’t have something to power them up when the time comes, perhaps it’s best left at home. One thing we’ve learned the hard way is not every place, bus, train, or plane has sockets or sockets that actually work.

While I mentioned that having a power bank is crucial, another crucial thing is choosing the right power bank; you can’t afford to be disappointed at that dire time of need. Our top recommendation is the TYLT Portable 10X. Compact, features Quick charge 3.0, two USB ports and 1 USB-C port, you can charge up to 3 devices at once. It also holds a hefty capacity of 20,100mAh. The TYLT Portable 10x is just one of the best power banks for creators that we’ve used so far. Great design, easy to pack, and the USB-C port can charge a laptop. Although it is quite large, It can just about fit into your pocket.

Now to take things to the next level for Pro creators who don’t care about a power bank being necessarily small. Our second recommendation is the TYLT Awall. It features 2 USB ports, an AC socket, An 18W power supply, 20,800 mAh. This high capacity battery can charge two devices simultaneously when you use the dual universal USB ports. Now, this isn’t a power bank that can fit into your pocket, but if you know you’re going to be spending the day creating it can go into your backpack. What makes this power bank stand out is the AC outlet which can power up anything from a laptop to a hair dyer.

A compact laptop

Dell XPS 13 on table

The market is promoting smartphones as work devices more and more as the years’ progress. While they are powerful, for example, my iPhone XS Max being more powerful than my last laptop. It’s not about that, It’s about workflow and comfort. Something phones don’t provide regardless of how large the screen is.
Here’s where a compact laptop comes into place. A compact laptop provides you that comfort and workflow as well as the benefits of being compact for travel. A laptop that is designed for travel and work is the Dell XPS 13.

The XPS 13 is fantastic for travel because it’s the smallest 13-inch laptop created. But it’s also a beast. Now, I think that the most significant factor that made laptops pretty weak in the past was the fact they have a CD-slot which just took up so much space. That space is empty now. It allows for better space, better cooling, and a better battery.
It’s stylish, but style doesn’t matter when it comes to speed. You need performance to work, and that’s what makes it great for travel. You get whatever you need in a small package.

Wireless earbuds

Whether for work or commuting, wireless earbuds are essential. While traveling, you’re going to be taking buses, trains, planes. What you do with that time is entirely up to you, whether you sit in silence, listen to music, or listen to an audiobook. If listening to music or an audiobook sounds good, then wireless earbuds are great for the convenience of doing that without any wires. Now if you want to work, or you want to take calls, it’s the same benefit too.

Holding the Jabra Elite Active 65T

The Jabra Elite Active 65T is one of the newest earbuds from Jabra. We reviewed the Jabra Elite Sport full review of the Elite Active 65T will come soon. But from what we’ve tested so far, the Jabra Elite Active 65T is are great earbuds. It takes some of the features already on the Elite Sport to an entirely different level. Better sound, more comfortable, with a more compact design and longer battery life.


Everything that we mentioned in this post, we use, and we use proudly because it makes content creating content when traveling efficiently. Efficiency matters as a creator. If you’re thinking of a backpack for traveling that could fit all this and more inside, check out our review on the TYLT Traveler Powerbag.


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