Top 4 Accessories We Recommend for the 2019 iPhone

It’s that time of the year, the release of a new iPhone. 2019 is the year of the iPhone 11 or the premium iPhone 11 Pro. If you’re looking to get the latest iPhone and want to get the most out it, you’ll need some accessories. We’re going to be looking at our favorite accessories for the iPhone XS/XS Max that you should consider if your brand new device.

MOFT X Invisible and Foldaway Stand

Popsockets have been trending for a while. You attach them to the back of your phone and it forms as a stand and grip. Problem with them is that’s all they do, and they can be bulky in your pocket. The MOFT X is a compact, light and thin wallet, grip and stand. The MOFT X comes in a portrait and landscape mode. The 60-degree in portrait mode is great suitable for, browsing, and facetiming. In 40-degree landscape, you can watch movies and youtube. it’s also got a hidden pocket for cards. Which can fit up to 3 cards and includes RFID-blocking for extra security.

With your large iPhone 11 Pro Max, it’s great for one-handed situations. It’s comfortable and secure, and there’s never any need to worry about the possibility of your phone falling. I particularly find it useful for when taking selfies and you want to extend your hand out but don’t want to lose grip of the phone. The MOFT X stand comes with a magnetic mount. So you can stick the mount anywhere like your kitchen cabinet, bedroom wall, car and place your phone on the mount.

TYLT FOLD Fast Wireless Charger

The TYLT fold is a perfect companion for your desk. Most typical wireless chargers are flat. The fold gives you an option to have it flat or in “stand mode”, having it stand at an angle. Which is great for things like seeing what notifications pop up, watching movies, or using Face ID on an iPhone with ease. All while your phone is being charged. TYLT fold uses a 10-watt output and can fast-charge your iPhone. The fold is reliable and works almost all the time even through cases. It’s got three coils integrated into the charger. Instead of having one and having to perfectly place your device in that one position all the time, having three makes it less of a hassle. So you’ll never have to find that perfect precise position to charge your device. Upside down, straight, at an angle, it all works perfectly fine with total freedom.

For $59.99 you are getting a wireless charger that uses USB-C, has three coils, compact in size, gives you the ability to use standing and flat and comes with its own AC adapter. Wireless chargers we’ve seen on Amazon that are much cheaper than this have some sort of important feature missing. Whether it’s not using USB-C, not having an AC Adapter, not being able to stand or just not having 3 coils. This puts the TYLT fold ahead in terms of those important features that make up for a reliable wireless charger that works and makes your life easier.

TYLT Portable 10x

A power bank is crucial, but do you know what’s also crucial? Choosing the right power bank; you can’t afford to be disappointed at that dire time of need. Our top recommendation is the TYLT Portable 10X. Compact, features Quick charge 3.0, two USB ports and 1 USB-C port, you can charge up to 3 devices at once. It also holds a hefty capacity of 20,100mAh. The TYLT Portable 10x is just one of the best power banks for creators that we’ve used so far. Great design, easy to pack, and the USB-C port can charge a laptop. Although it is quite large, It can just about fit into your pocket.

Jabra Elite 65T Active

Now, here’s the part where you’ll probably be surprised that we’re not recommending airpods. Us recommending you airpods is so predictable, so we’re going to recommend an alternative instead. The Jabra Elite Active 65T is one of the newest earbuds from Jabra. We reviewed the Jabra Elite Sport full review of the Elite Active 65T will come soon. But from what we’ve tested so far, the Jabra Elite Active 65T is are great earbuds. It takes some of the features already on the Elite Sport to an entirely different level. Better sound, more comfortable, with a more compact design and longer battery life.


As we get our hands on more accessories and test new things out, we’ll be updating the list, but for now, These are four accessories that we recommend for your new iPhone.



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