Top 4 Cities to visit in 2022

2021 a year where we traveled to 11 countries and for the first time visited Asia. But travel is really more about the experience than the destination. Reviewing and writing about products that help whether it’s tech, clothing or lifestyle makes what we do truly unique in terms of review. We can make reviews with photos in South Korea, Portugal, and Slovenia in the space of a month. It’s not common to find a site that does that. In this instance, we are sharing our top 4 cities to visit in 2022.

We don’t just write, we explore, and share our experiences.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is Incredible. One of the biggest cities I’ve been to with so much to do. Think of a metropolitan city, for example, New York City. Now think of a modern, futuristic version of New York that’s clean with organized traffic, fancy subways and Asian culture.

It’s expensive to get there, but if money isn’t an issue, it is a must. And if money is an issue, you’ll find a way if you want it bad enough, right?

We spent 3 weeks in Seoul, and after 3 weeks there was still more to do and so much we didn’t get to do because of the size of the city. The atmosphere is incredible, the city comes to life especially at night time where family and friends come together to sit and have Korean barbeque. Which was the opposite in recent European cities I’ve been to where it goes dead at night time.

The transport system is accessible and easy to understand. The metro system is the longest in the world, its modern, clean, and has amazing air conditioning. The metro stations also have markets where you can purchase clothes and food during your journey.

While Seoul may not be the most popular tourist destination to travel in the world it offers experiences that you won’t find in the most popular cities of different regions of the world. As soon as you step out of the airport you know you’re in a different world of its own and that’s what travel is all about. It’s a beautiful city way ahead in terms of technology and infrastructure.

Paris, France

There’s something that captures my heart when it comes to visiting Paris. When you travel to a lot of European countries you start to see a pattern in terms of architecture, infrastructure, history vibes. They’re all close enough to the same. Going to Germany isn’t that huge of a jump compared to going to Austria, similar to how going to the UK isn’t a huge difference when visiting Ireland. When you visit Paris you feel a difference.

Especially when you just walk around the city and take in just how beautiful it is. The buildings, monuments, the fact that something captivating is waiting for you to explore around the corner. Unlike a lot of European cities, Paris doesn’t have an “old town”. The whole city is old itself which makes the experience complete.

The atmosphere is what you will really love about Paris. Forget the things to do like going to restaurants, shops, and museums that just a small part of the city. Being there and experiencing the vibes of the city, hearing the French language and walking through the cobblestone streets with the Eiffel tower in the background is what makes it so great and what you will enjoy most there.

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

We’ve talked about Seoul, and we’ve talked about Paris two pretty huge cities and popular cities to visit too. Now, let’s look at cities that aren’t as huge and aren’t as popular but are just as amazing. Mostar is one of those cities. Mostar is a beautiful ethnically diverse and unique city. I felt like I was in a completely different time in history, that’s how historic this city is.

The atmosphere in the part of the city is similar to any other eastern European city. You’ve got the street art, the old blocky looking apartment buildings, beautiful parks and ruins from the war. The most modern, contemporary thing you’ll see is the Mepas Mall.

If you’re looking to be surrounded by history here’s the place for you. You can join the crowds wandering through the busy streets of the old town and on your way check out the markets on either side of the old bridge.

One thing that’s great about Mostar is it’s cheap, the cheapest city on this list. No matter how large your travel budget is, this will always be a great reason to visit a place. And Mostar, like the whole Bosnia & Herzegovina, is quite cheap, even comparing to its neighbor Croatia. It is great if you’re traveling on a budget.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is a city we’ve been visiting a bit more often these days and the more we go the more we love it. Now, this is the smallest city on this list, but small in a good way.

It is not a busy city, It is quiet with the heart of the city completely traffic-free and designed for pedestrians. This leaves the old cobbled paths and the banks of the Ljubljanica River to people strolling through and terraces of restaurants and bars. One thing we love about Ljubljana is that everything is within walking distance, which means no need for public transport to get you from A to B. But people sure love their cycling in the city.

Now every city has its negatives, the negative about it being such a small city is after a few days of staying here, everything starts becoming very familiar. It gets to a stage where you find yourself not having much to do anymore. I was here for 1 week and felt this way. if you’re spending more, it’s something to consider.

Similar to how I feel about Paris, I think your time is better spent outside, unless the weather goes bad, then going somewhere indoors like a museum would be a better option. You can walk around the Old Town and get a real sense of the city’s history and architecture in a couple of hours.

I would describe Ljubljana as a chill, laid back and quiet city. There aren’t many aspects of the city that will blow your mind, instead, the city is all about its vibrant atmosphere. You definitely won’t get New York or London vibes here. But you will get a colorful and laidback Old Town surrounding a hill, topped with a castle. Ljubljana is pretty and picturesque a perfect place to visit for a weekend.

Top 4 Cities to Visit in 2022

There’s a lot of great cities in the world. Some of which we didn’t get to visit yet,  but these are our top 4 cities to visit in 2022, although we visited many other great cities too.

Which one will you be visiting?


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