Trench Coat – Why It’s an Essential Piece of Outerwear You Should Have

Trench Coats were originally created for British soldiers during the First World War. The trench coat became popular among civilians when troops continued to wear the coats every day on their way home. Fast forward 100 years later, why is it an essential piece of outerwear you should wear today?

Why Get a Trench Coat?

The trench coat hasn’t changed all that much from its original design. It’s functional, fashionable and timeless. Stylish and practical, this one outerwear piece can match many outfits and occasions. For that, it’s one of the best style investments a man can make.

Although it looks great there’s one particular reason why this classic style never goes away; it works, and actually more now than it did 100 years ago. Since we spend more time in heated environments like cars and offices and the rising temperatures on the earth the need for a heavy coat has gone down, depending on your climate of course. The trench coat is a piece that when you wear once, you keep wearing. Classic clothing like this is viewed by many as a sound investment because it lasts. An owner of one can be assured it will never become dated.


The trench coat is traditionally a long coat that extends to the thighs. It is double-breasted with wide lapels, belted at the waist. The details in its construction are what makes it what it is. A wide vent extends across the back of the coat to allow for more movement, and the shoulders are often fitted with epaulets. Belting on the cuffs is also common as well as a turndown collar, usually worn flipped upwards. Although a double-breasted coat is more popular, single-breasted versions are also available.

When it comes to color, you can’t go wrong with camel, black or navy for full versatility. There are multiple versions of the trench coat. Short and long, lined and unlined, different fabrics, with more expensive options treated for added waterproofing or with more or fewer of those classic details.

How to Wear

The double-breasted style is the one you’ll find in most shops. It provides an extra layer of warmth for your torso. Many double-breasted designs come with a waist belt which can make the coat appear a better fit. It is important to consider the fit of any trench coat you get, especially if you plan on wearing the coat buttoned up and with fewer layers underneath.

If you like to wear lots of layers beneath a coat, a more relaxed fit could be a good choice. A trench coat should form a well-tailored fit when it’s fully buttoned up. As with any coat, you may need to have adjustments made to ensure you’re looking your best. The double-breasted design highlights a classic look while looking elegant and sophisticated.

When to Wear

If you plan on having just one trench coat, then choosing a versatile, classic look is a better option for both casual and formal looks. That being said, there are some trench coats that work well for a casual style. Even when buying a casual trench coat, versatility is important. You may be wearing the coat with jeans one day and a tie the next. For a casual style look for a thigh-length trench coat in beige, stone, navy, or black.

Lightweight, waterproof, with a deep pocket. The three-quarter length design is made to keep the rain off your clothes rather than offer protection like an overcoat would. On its own, it might not keep you all that warm, but it will keep you dry. The fit and fabric of the trench coat make the coat essential for any season and adaptable to any type of weather which is what I love most about it.


A trench coat is an awesome piece of clothing every guy should have. Perfect for any day in any season, and makes you stand out from the crowd.


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