TYLT Traveler Power Bag – Best Backpack for Travel? – Review

I love backpacks, chances are you do too. Backpacks are awesome, from using them for school, travel, or for commuting, a backpack just works. Put stuff in, carry it on your back and off you go. Now let’s talk about the TYLT Travel Power Bag, its a backpack transformed into a mobile charging station, it’s not cheap at $129.99, but do the features justify the cost?


The Tylt Traveler Power Bag is a solid, well constructed great looking backpack. It stands out and has a boxy form factor. It maintains that form even when there’s nothing inside unlike some backpacks that get squished up or flattened. Great structure is key and that’s what the Tylt Traveler Power Bag does pretty well. Coming only in grey the Tylt Traveler Power Bag blends in perfectly in an urban setting. The TYLT traveler power bag isn’t a huge obtrusive bag. It measures 17″ H x 14″ W x 7.5″ D and weighs 119 grams.

It will give you no problems fitting it underneath the front seat on an airplane. It has a 600D snow grain polyester material and 210D polyester lining. It feels very tough and durable. There are several cable routing channels located throughout the bag to keep things tidy. When placing the battery in the separate pocket on the left side of the bag, it’s very easy to route cables into the other pockets where your gadgets are stored. Thanks to that boxy shape there’s a lot of room in the bag for such a small bag too.

One thing I’ve noticed about the Tylt Traveler Power Bag is how the fabric on the zips tend to fall out since they’re not exactly tightened too well. A few have dropped at random occassions during my trips, it’s something to keep in mind.


There are many internal pockets available. which can fit your books, clothes, and more. Inside the main compartment are several pockets for smaller items like business cards, pens, memory cards, earphones, and more. The backpack even features a magnetic closure pocket on the outside. There’s a padded laptop compartment that can fit laptops with screens up to 15.5″ the lining is also soft, so your tablet and laptop will be extra comfortable. The compartment also keeps your laptop a few inches from the bottom of the bag, so it doesn’t hit the ground when you place it down. 

The bag’s zippers let you separate the laptop section from the rest of your items so it is TSA-friendly when you are at the airport. In addition, the power bag can be zipped down completely to lie flat, fully opening the backpack which is a great feature if you want to organize items and have more freedom doing it like you would with your luggage. Now that I mention travel, there are slots on the back so that you can slide it over the handle of your luggage so that you won’t have to carry the backpack on your bag. If you’re a stylish person and rocking a stylish outfit, this will make you happy.


Now the main standout feature of the traveler power bag and what gives it the name “power bag” is the built-in 5,200 mAh battery that can provide up to 2 full charges to your smartphone or 1.5 charges to a tablet. Now you’re out and about traveling and your phone is dying and you need to charge it.

Having a backpack that comes with a power bank might just save your phones life or your life in severe cases. The power bank works great and does what it’s supposed to do. It can’t charge laptops though, you’ll need the Portable battery 10x for that which we’ll be reviewing soon. (stay tuned for that).  The power bank itself is of great quality and very durable.


The Traveler power bag is quite comfortable when worn initially. Although it can fit plenty of items it isn’t designed to hold a ton of weight so overloading this bag will result in shoulder strain/pain which I’ve experienced after carrying it for a long walk or journey. The strain occurs much quicker than other backpacks we’ve tested in the past. This shows that It isn’t the most comfortable backpack. And although the straps have a decent amount of padding a bit more and ergonomic padding for your back would make it perfect.


The TYLT traveler power bag is a backpack designed for travel. It is something that looks versatile, built solidly and feels tough. It is a reliable backpack that you can store a lot in and won’t let you down on your trips. And when I mean won’t let you down I mean with the equipped power bank, it can really save you when an unexpected turn occurs when traveling, or when you want to be able to watch movies on your phone with the peace of mind that your phone can be charged any time.

Is the TYLT traveler power bag worth it?

For $129.99 you are getting a solid backpack with a power bank. When you think about big brands like Samsonite, they charge a lot more for backpacks that don’t offer as much as this one and don’t come with a power bank. So yes I think it’s worth it. It’s a backpack designed for travel and designed well.

Price: $129.99
Where to Buy: TYLT


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