Your Phone Is Toxic Here’s a Solution – PhoneSoap Review

There’s a saying that the closest things to us could be the worst things for us. And in this context, we have our smartphones. You’re probably holding yours right now. They’re a core part of our daily life. But they also pose a threat to your health in ways other than blue light, unproductivity, and the emotional stress of social media.

Did you know your phone has 18x more bacteria than a public bathroom? We’re going to be looking at the PhoneSoap, a device that uses UV-C light to sanitize your phone, killing 99.9% of common household germs.

What Does PhoneSoap Do?

The UV light kills most household germs, like E. Coli, Salmonella, and Staph, as well as the common cold and the Flu. The PhoneSoap is a box that’s big enough to fit any smartphone. Just plug it in, place your phone inside which it charges wirelessly. Close the lid, and it starts cleaning. After 10 minutes, the light shuts off, and the germs are destroyed. That’s it.

How PhoneSoap Works

The power of PhoneSoap comes in the form of UV-C light. Inside are four powerful UV-C lightbulbs. UV-C light is germicidal, meaning it destroys nucleic acids and breaks apart bacteria DNA. With their DNA broken, bacteria can’t function or reproduce, and the organisms die. The lightbulbs on the top and bottom of the device, paired with the reflective glass interior, help achieve 360-degree disinfection. Even the small, hard-to-reach crevices of your phone get cleaned.

The UV-C light is so strong that only ten minutes is needed to get your phone clean. After that, PhoneSoap turns off automatically, so your phone getting overheated won’t be an issue. But if you have the wireless charging version, it’s advisable to open the lid to let your phone breathe after the sanitization, as phones tend to heat up when charging wirelessly.


The PhoneSoap has a simple design. It’s got a soft touch feeling and a hefty weight to it due to all the bulbs, glass and tech inside. The device also has an acoustic audio amplifier that lets you hear any rings or dings from your phone. The PhoneSoap wireless charging version we have includes a USB-A port. So you can charge your device while it cleans with no wires, use it as a charger even if you’re not cleaning your phone, or charge your phone inside and another device using the USB port at the same time.

My thoughts

One thing I like is that since it’s a box that produces UV light, anything that fits in the box can be hit by UV light, leading to germs being destroyed. Wireless earbuds, your phone’s case, jewelry, keys, cards, wallets, a toothbrush, plus UV light toothbrushes are popular we’ve reviewed one before. One thing I don’t like, and this isn’t the fault of the company or the product. Is that I can’t really tell whether my phone is cleaner. I just have to trust PhoneSoap, and the data from their tests to know whether or not it works.


All in all, we think the PhoneSoap is an excellent device worth trying out. It gives you peace of mind (if you’re germophobic), knowing that you’re getting rid of the bacteria on your phone. Some may argue that bacteria is good for you, but the answer is not that simple. Our bodies do count on some bits of bacteria to function correctly, but many forms of bacteria are harmful and can cause illness and infections

If you’re skeptical that this product might be a placebo effect, the numbers tell a different story. 99.9% is almost all of the bacteria on your phone. Plus, sanitizing with UV-C light isn’t new — hospitals, laboratories, and dentists have been using UV light to keep facilities and tools sterile since the mid-20th century.

Price: $79.95 for standard version / $99.95 wireless charging version.

Where to Buy: PhoneSoap

PhoneSoap Wireless
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Final thoughts

We’re always going to be using our phones. Unless you plan on washing your hands and face each time you pick up your device, all that bacteria is sticking with you. PhoneSoap is an easy solution to keep harmful bacteria from spreading. Not only to you from your phone but from you to others. If you live with someone who doesn’t have a strong immune system, children, older person, or someone who’s sick, PhoneSoap could be a critical investment. At $79 or $99 for the wireless charging version, it’s an excellent investment for anyone. And it’s more than just providing peace of mind. PhoneSoap gives results backed up by science and data, that’ll help keep you and the people around you healthier.


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